Our first motorhome trip in America

24. Apr, 2016

This trip was the first of two we made in our motorhome purchased in Texas in July 2007.

Originally this adventure was planned to last two years having rented out our home in the UK to cover the cost of the mortgage. Unfortunately American Immigration had different ideas.

At a total cost of £500 we made two visits to the American Embassy in London to seek visas. The first was unsuccesful because apparently what we were asking for was 'Impossible, there's no such thing as a two year visa, that's immigration through the back door' and the second because we matched the profile of people unlikely to return to the UK afterwards.

These refusals meant we had to go back to the drawing board and produce two 90-day trips on a very tight schedule to see everything we wanted to, using the Visa Waiver Programme.

Although this particular trip didn't really warm up until we arrived at Williams to visit the Grand Canyon,it was an amazing experience and we are posting it here in order to share it with you.

For both American trips I have underlined all locations.