14. Apr, 2016



This trip was the third of three I uploaded retrospectively, and knowing nothing about blogging didn't quite get it right. As a consequence when working your way from the back to the front of each 'chapter' the photographs and videos corresponding to each daily entry are below the text rather than above it.


TUESDAY 14-4-15

We left home at about 18:00, and had a nice straightforward run to Dover, except for my discovering on the way that having 'updated' the mapping online in my Snooper Satnav I had nothing. It looked as if the download had emptied the MicroSD card but had then failed to load the replacement version, so I now had a Satnav with severe dementia. I was so angry with myself. I should have checked and tested it, but I hadn't, and now I was stuck. Fortunately we carry a spare, the Garmin Satnav we bought for our 2008 tour of America. Since returning home I purchased the Europe SD card, and just as well I had, though by now the maps will be out of date.

On arrival at Dover Port we were directed to the security shed for a check. A young lady came onboard to look around whilst asking several questions including was I carrying any knives other than those for domestic use, baseball bats or other weapons or pepper spray? I answered 'no' to all the questions but I must confess I was telling a little porkie. We do have some non-violent personal protection should I feel it warrants getting it out on standby. It's not just valuables and cash that are locked safely away in the hidden safe.

On leaving the ferry at Calais we made our way to the Cite Europe shopping complex (GPS: N50.932880º E1.811049º) next to the Channel Tunnel Terminal. We parked up in the large, almost empty car park outside Carrefour supermarket where we spent a comfortable night.