14. Apr, 2016



We awoke to a beautiful morning. After scrubbing up we did our final bits of shopping in Carrefour, including lashings of boxed wine. Having stowed it all onboard we popped back in to the complex for a snack (it was supposed to have been breakfast) as well as taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi to send an email to Snooper detailing the problem with the Satnav.

We didn't hit the road until about 10:45, passing through Belgium, a place we like very much and plan to visit again, part of the Netherlands (whatever happened to Holland?), then in to Germany, where, although they regularly beat us at football, when it comes to World Wars, we're still 2-0 up.

The motorway was very busy with huge numbers of HGV's presumably making their way to Eastern Europe. I was most impressed by the wide rivers and canals we crossed, navigated by large barges. There were a number of long river cruise boats, even this early in the season, and I imagine in peak season the rivers would be so crowded that it would be like cruising the M25.

We pulled in to a TruckStop rest area just east of Cologne at about 19:00. I was amazed to see that they charged 70 cents, about 50p, to pass through a turnstile to use, what looked like, nice clean toilets. This explains why our parking area smelt more of gent’s toilet than country air. We enjoyed a nice hot meal and an early night as Rosina was feeling quite rough with a cold coming on.