14. Apr, 2016


THURSDAY 16-4-15

We again woke to a glorious blue sky and the temperature in the vehicle already at 20°C. Special treat this morning - a nice hot shower. We could afford to spare the water as we could replenish our tank before leaving using a tap on site provided for the HGV drivers. After breakfast we moved off, parking briefly over a drain to dump our 'grey' water before hitting the road again. Lunch was again at a TruckStop amongst the HGV's.

I once worked with a character who had been an HGV driver. His colleagues in those days had nicknamed him 'Doggie' because of his habit of peeing up the wheels of his lorry. Well over here we have 'Sons of Doggie', giving the HGV parking areas that unique aroma.

Tonight was to have been spent in a parking area which has a toilet block; these again are used by HGV drivers for overnight stops. It was in the countryside about 100 miles from the Austrian border. However whilst The Chef was preparing the evening meal we, and numerous truckers were joined by a wreck of a saloon car carrying six adults and a small child. The car had Hungarian plates, and these folk definitely looked Roma. They must have got a great trade-in deal on their donkey and cart to buy the car.

Out of the boot came a mattress and bedding which was thrown on the ground, then laid upon by the young child. For the next 30-60 minutes the four young males in the group behaved in a rather feral way, the mother of the child looked as if she was going from truck to truck propositioning the lorry drivers whilst the grandmother went from vehicle to vehicle begging. She didn't get anything from me other than two loud words “NO” and “GO”.

We could have remained there for the night as planned but would have felt rather at risk, despite all our cards and cash being locked away in a hidden steel safe, and all the doors having double locks. These people looked like professional scum and I just know I wouldn't have slept well wondering all the time what they'd be up to when they thought we were asleep. Although I felt we could deal with any surprise or unprovoked attack this situation was predictable, and so we decided to move further on down the road. After our meal we left the 'Hungarians' pitching a small tent on a grassy area next to the car, so presumably it was to be four in the tent and three in the car for the night. We drove for about 30 minutes until we came across a TruckStop with full facilities. Here we would get a good night's sleep with the added bonus of a shower in the morning as we could refill our water tank.