24. Apr, 2016


SATURDAY 29-3-08 

So the moment had finally arrived, after three years of research, planning and a great deal of expenditure we were ready for the road. We programmed our Satnav and headed down I35 South for the Admiralty RV Resort in San Antonio, Texas.

 Much of the scenery enroute was similar to the English countryside with cows grazing in fields with trees, hedgerows and rolling hills. We stopped en-route and did some food shopping. Wal-Mart are good for cheap prices but the quality and selection sometimes suffers as a result, therefore we plan to mix our shopping between Wal-Mart and local higher quality shops where possible. 

We hit very heavy traffic at roadwork’s approaching San Antonio www.alomocity.com . The Chef had to keep an eye out on her side of the vehicle as we were in two narrow lanes of traffic with her side not very far at all from a portable concrete wall installed to protect the engineers. It would have been heartbreaking to have badly damage the RV on its first day out. The Satnav was taking us to the campground, but we couldn’t figure out how to adjust the volume, and so we both had to listen really carefully to hear the instructions ‘She’ in the ‘magic box’ was giving us. 

On arrival at Admiralty RV Resort we were given temporary check-in documentation as the office had closed. We had our first alfresco meal of freshly cooked chicken and salad from the supermarket enroute. I then had to sit down in the RV and assemble the gas BBQ grill as we are planning our first ‘Barbie’ tomorrow and I had yet to find the time to put it together. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Admiralty RV Resort, San Antonio, Texas (GPS: N29.447329 W98.690269)