24. Apr, 2016


MONDAY 31-3-08 

Today we decided to stay around the campground and do the outstanding jobs on the vehicle. This is the problem when leaving in a hurry, without everything checked and practiced, but then as the captain of HMS Ark Royal once said ‘If you wait until everything is working perfectly you’ll never leave harbour. 

This morning I found one drawback of shopping in a hurry. Whilst using the campground showers I went to squeeze out some shower gel – and pooof! – I’d purchased talcum powder! Rosina didn’t fare much better. Having had a lovely shower she'd forgotten to take her towel with her and so had to return in her clothes making them all wet in the process. 

I’ve put the folding bikes together although there is a problem with a pedal on one of them which will have to be fixed the next time we pass by a 'Camping World' store. The Chef went up to the laundry block and came back annoyed. It seems that after she’d washed the clothes and transferred them to a tumble drier she’d put her money in and waited ages whilst the machine rumbled away. After about 45 minutes of sitting around in conversation with other campers, went to check and found she’d put her money in the wrong machine. Our clothes were still in the machine wet and the one above it was whirring away with no clothes in. My word we've a lot to learn regarding life on the road. 

I managed to register our new mobile phone. What a game, and all for a ‘Pay As You Go’ account. At least it will now give us a 24/7 means of communication. The Chef found out how to adjust the volume on the Satnav so hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to hear what ‘She' is saying without having to lean forward towards it to hear. We also had a play with the portable hand held radios which we’ll be using when manoeuvring the RV and perhaps as a general means of communication between ourselves. I’ve sorted out the large rear cargo locker so now there’s a bit more space in there. All in all we’re now better prepared to continue with the journey. 

Quite a few ‘Snowbirds’ have been leaving the site this weekend, heading north and home having spent the winter in southern, warmer states escaping the hard winters of the northern US states and Canada. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Admiralty RV Resort, San Antonio, Texas.