24. Apr, 2016


WEDNESDAY 02-04-08 

Having spent the night in Wal-Mart’s car park, we set off for the second leg of our journey from San Antonio, Texas to Roswell, New Mexico. We went without a shower to save time allowing us to get on the road that much earlier. We travelled at a slower speed today as we were travelling off the main highways. I set the cruise control to 55mph and that’s the speed we did for most of the day.

Much of the landscape we passed through was very flat and looked scorched by the sun. The small residential areas were miles apart and looked really run down and poor, only Carlsbad was of any size and offered far more shops than we’d seen the whole day. You have to wonder where these people go for their shopping as there are so many miles between hamlets, most of which had no shops at all. We also passed a number of oil fields with their ‘nodding dog’ pumps. This pleased The Chef as she didn’t want to leave without having seen one. 

Our RV seemed to have given us more mpg today having slowed the pace down. We’ve spent a lot of money on fuel during the past few days and I will be glad when we reach Williams, Arizona, which will mark the end of these long driving periods, and for us, the start of the trip proper. 

On arrival at Roswell www.roswell-nm.com we went straight to the UFO Museum www.roswellufomuseum.com , which holds photographs, newspaper clippings and models covering the supposed UFO crash landing at Hub Com Ranch about 20 miles out of Roswell on July 8th 1947. There’s not much to it really, but I guess it draws the tourists. After that we went on to the Roswell Museum and Arts Centre which was both interesting and free. It had displays of historical artefacts, Native American culture and clothing, and a very interesting section on the pioneer rocket scientist Robert Goddard who did seem to be a man ahead of the game. 

Whilst I have an open mind regarding UFO matters, looking around Roswell town I find it hard to believe Aliens would choose to even crash here. 

This evening we booked in to the Town & Country RV Park for the night. It’s nothing special but it’s convenient. We ate alfresco but didn’t stay outside very long as the wind suddenly got up and was blowing fine sand everywhere. I popped out of the RV later and spotted the sunset which was very impressive, but unfortunately by the time I’d fetched the video camera the light had changed and the moment was lost. Rosina managed one shot of it in a different direction which was good. It’s just a shame we hadn’t spotted it sooner. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Town & Country RV Park, Roswell, New Mexico (GPS: N33.350945 W104.525076).