24. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 06-04-08 

We arranged for an early morning call at 05:15 in order to catch the sunrise. We decided to walk to the rim rather than wait for a shuttle bus, a walk which should have taken about 5 minutes. Unfortunately we took a wrong road when leaving the hotel and were heading inland. We must have walked for miles at a cracking pace, especially when we realised we had gone wrong and were running out of time. We eventually stumbled across a shuttle bus station and caught a bus to Yavapai Observation Station. This was a great location for photographing the sunrise, too bad we missed most of it. We noticed frost on the top of cars in the nearby car park as we walked the mile and a half back to the village which was very pleasant and offered continuous photo opportunities. 

We then found ourselves having hiked, albeit unplanned, the area we had planned to walk during the day. We returned to the hotel for breakfast, nothing very much for far too much money, after which we returned to our rooms showered and booked out. 

We took a stroll down to the village, this time in daylight and in the right direction. The mules were ready for their daily trudge carrying tourists down the trail towards the bottom of the canyon and back again. It is Sunday and there were far more people around than yesterday. We remembered how much busier it was last Sunday in San Antonio, Texas, so it looks as if Sunday is a family day. 

We decided to take a bit of a walk down the canyon trail ourselves as we’d seen all we wanted to at the rim. There was still some snow lying around and we were amazed at how icy the trail was. To think there were poor mules passing this way earlier, each loaded with a tourist on their backs and trying to keep their footings. We had only been descending down the canyon for about 30 minutes before The Chef developed a pain in her groin and so we had to cut short our walk. We then found ourselves at a loose end. It was still a few hours before the return trip on the train and yet we’d seen all we wanted to. We killed some time by going back up to Hopi Point on the shuttle and returning back with it. 

The returning train to Williams was a very long one, double the carriages, as they were only running one train back today rather than two. 

When we got back to Williams we dropped our bag back at the RV then popped  in to town and had a meal. We liked what we saw and given that we’d had a tiring two days at the Canyon decided not to set off for Las Vegas in the morning but to spend an extra day here catching up with all the outstanding jobs and take a look around town. We made our way back to the vehicle and wound in the slide-out unit as a precaution, as it can get very windy here at night and there’s a slight chance the small awning which winds out above the unit could get damaged. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Grand Canyon Railway RV Park, Williams, Arizona.