24. Apr, 2016


MONDAY 07-04-08 

I spent the day reloading the vehicle trying to get more weight forward to lighten the rear which hopefully will reduce the amount of bottoming we’ve been doing; I think it will help cure the problem once we’ve dumped our 50 gallons of water, currently we’re plumbed in to the campgrounds mains supply. 

A local tradesman very kindly ground a piece of plastic out of the folding TV stand I’d bought over from the UK so that I could try and rig up the video and TV combination. Unfortunately after much huffing and puffing I discovered that the video player the salesman at 'Best Buy' promised me would play anything, and was multi-zoned will actually only play zone 1 DVD’s. 

The rear cargo locker and the cab-over bedroom area are now much tidier, though I haven’t finished completely due to time constraints.

We popped in to Williams for a look around and liked it very much. It epitomises what we’ve come out here to see - small town America, made all the more interesting by the fact that the old Route 66 passes right through town, so we took a number of photographs and I did a bit of videoing. Surprisingly a number of the original motels have been refurbished and are still in use today. We bought a souvenir mug from ‘Cruiser’s Café 66’, a great establishment which was like going back in time. www.cruisers66.com  Tomorrow sees us setting out for Las Vegas. I think we are better prepared now that we’ve spent today resting and catching up with odd jobs. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Grand Canyon Railway RV Park, Williams, Arizona.