24. Apr, 2016


MONDAY 14-04-08 

Today we were up at 06:45 and on the road by 08:00. This made a huge difference to our progress. Our journey took us many miles on US395, our old friend from yesterday, and then Interstate 80. We normally think of Interstates as really wide fast super-highways – not I80. I’ve driven on better roads in the Third World. The road surface as we crossed the Sierra Nevada Range was dreadful, especially in the nearside lane, which I did try to keep out of whenever possible, much to the annoyance of other motorists who were forced to overtake on our inside on the roughest surface of all which is where they wanted me to travel. It was full of potholes, huge strips of missing tarmac, patchwork tarmac repairs and deep grooves. It would have been very easy to lose control at any speed in that lane. Even driving Canadian Tri-Star ambulances for a number of years couldn’t prepare me for these handing difficulties. At this altitude I guess the bad road surface was due to the winter weather.

The landscape after we passed Sacramento, the state capital of California, changed dramatically. It became very flat, fertile land, just like The Fens back home, and it went on for mile after mile. 

We arrived here in San Francisco at about 13:30. When I say San Francisco I mean Marin County just across the water. To get in to the city we need to take a 40 minute bus ride or a ferry. We’re not at all impressed with the campground, I wanted to cancel the booking and leave but the receptionist said the KOA campground which was my second choice was about 30 miles out of the city. Anyhow we’re here a day early and rather than extend the stay by a day we’re going to move on and use the extra day somewhere else. It’s really quite windy here and as a consequence we are not leaving the slide-out unit deployed as the wind can damage the small awning which rolls out above it, so it looks as if we’re going to get rocked to sleep tonight as we sway in the breeze. 

We do now have the luxury of Cable TV having purchased the necessary cabling. I’m not too sure why we’re bothering really given the standard of American television, it is absolutely abysmal, just third rate sitcoms with canned laughter. It has to be canned because a real live audience just wouldn’t laugh at it. News channels aren’t much better; no story is too mundane, trivial, or boring to be reported. A ‘World News’ bulletin we watched consisted of an item about American troops in Iraq, then a gorilla being artificially inseminated at a zoo somewhere outside of America, and then to home news. It is easy to understand why America is such a very insular thinking nation. Their press and TV doesn't give them the opportunity to have an understanding of what is going on beyond their borders. The main use we have for television is to get the weather forecasts so that we know what to wear and what, if any, precautions to take to protect ourselves and the RV. 

LOCATION TONIGHT:  Marin RV Park, 2140 Redwood Hwy, Greenbrae, CA. www.marinrvpark.com   www.VisitMarin.org (GPS: N31.941261 W122.514310)