24. Apr, 2016


THURSDAY 17-04-08 

I wondered up to the campsite office first thing to enquire about a local dentist who may be able to fix my broken tooth. To my surprise the receptionist didn’t know of one locally, as she used one in the city. Now that surprised and annoyed me, I would have expected all campsites to have an arrangement of some kind with a doctor, dentist, vet etc for guest emergencies. I ended up walking back to the RV and searching the internet finding one just down the road. Unfortunately on phoning them, the first available appointment they had was next Tuesday, five days away, which is no good to me and so I’ll soldier on and perhaps try and book one ahead in a town we’re due to pass through. 

Today was chores day and I duly washed the RV with my new brushes, gosh isn’t life exciting. The detergent I was using suggested that all you have to do is brush it on and that’s it, no rinsing, no streaks, no smears, but like all such products, it doesn’t matter what it says on the label they all need a wipe down afterwards and so I wiped dry the whole vehicle with a face flannel-sized cloth which we’d got as a free gift at a gas station. It’s moments like that you ask yourself if perhaps you should have bought a smaller vehicle. 

Following our visit to Las Vegas The Chef was used to machines that gobble money, and so was well prepared for the campgrounds washing machines and tumble driers. On her return we decided to live dangerously and put up our clothes airer down the side of the vehicle on which I could dry the micro-fibre towels I’d hand washed, together with clothes The Chef had ironed. I should have sought permission to wash the RV which I hadn’t, and putting clothes out to dry or air was a no-no on this and many other campgrounds.

At one point the Kamp Commandant walked by with the clothes outside on the airer but she said nothing, just as well really as I’m not too impressed with this campground and just might have bitten back. 

With our campground chores completed we set off for a walk carrying empty backpacks. Our destination was Lucky’s supermarket about two miles away as we were getting low on some bits and pieces and this was one way of getting some exercise and groceries at the same time. The sun was really hot and my thermometer measured 90F on our return to the RV with backpacks full of groceries. 

This evening we had a barbecue out at the front of the vehicle as the pitches are too narrow to do anything down the side of. I’ve modified our gas BBQ grill by adding lava rock courtesy of a campground we visited earlier on our trip, they had loads of it in their garden borders. I also added wet pieces of wood chip for a smoky effect. 

Tomorrow we’ve decided to catch the Larkspur Ferry www.goldengate.org which leaves somewhere behind the campground, and crosses the bay to the city, for a more relaxing day wandering around town. This has been brought about by the fact that we only remembered about cancelling our last day here an hour after the mid-day cut off time, and they weren’t prepared to budge, so now we have an ‘extra’ day here. We’re not taking cameras with us, preferring a day free from them. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Marin RV Park, 2140 Redwood Hwy, Greenbrae, CA.