24. Apr, 2016


MONDAY 21-04-08 

Yes it was a cold night, but it need not have been. We had our hot air central heating system on but the thermostat was turned too low, but more irritatingly the bedding keeps slipping off. Surprisingly they don’t have duvets over here as we know them; they have comforters which are like quilted bedspreads. We had one of those supplied with the vehicle and it looks nice, but doesn’t do the job, and so instead we purchased a sleeping bag, unzipped it, openned it up and use it as a duvet. The trouble is it has a nylon surface and just slides off the bed. It didn’t do that until we took our one expensive blanket off the bed because it kept leaving pile all over everything. It was then that we realised it was the blanket which kept the sleeping bag in place. So today The Chef washed and tumble dried the blanket in the hope that it won’t shed so much pile in future, and tonight it’s back on the bed, hopefully keeping the sleeping bag in place. 

Today was spent relaxing at Santa Maria. The lady in the campground store was surprised anybody would want to stay and look around the town, as there’s not much here. 

We got the folding bikes out of the cargo locker, put our empty backpacks on and set out for downtown. The lady was right, there was nothing much there, but it was interesting none the less and we found a supermarket where we topped up with a few fresh items of food. 

Tomorrow we set out for Malibu from where we plan to visit Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego, though the latter will be done as a day trip on the ‘Pacific Surfliner’ train. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Santa Maria Pines RV Park, 2210 Preisker Lane, Santa Maria CA.