24. Apr, 2016


TUESDAY 22-04-08 

Today we set out for Malibu along US101, with views of the Pacific Ocean to our right.

It was getting near lunchtime and we were looking for somewhere to pull over when we saw a sign for Refugio State Beach. At the last second I pulled on to the slip road. It was absolutely wonderful, a real find. First we paid $7 to park for the day with The Chef claiming a senior’s $1 discount. We liked it so much we decided to stay the night. We ate our lunch sat on the lovely beach complete with palm trees and views over the Pacific Ocean. Once lunch had settled we went for a lovely long walk along the beach. To top it all the ‘Pacific Surfliner’ train www.amtrak.com  passes right above the campground. This was the train we had planned to catch at Santa Maria and travel down to the end of the line at San Diego, but have now decided against doing. 

This evening we had a nice barbecue, our cheap toolbox BBQ grill is a real treat, its gas powered, but I’ve added lava rock from a previous campgrounds garden and throw on wet woodchips to create the smoke. At the end of the evening I needed to pop out to the rear cargo locker, stepping out of the RV I was in pitch darkness, it was absolutely pitch black due to total absence of light pollution from towns, cities and communities, I stepped back in to the vehicle – whatever it was I needed can wait until the morning. In the absence of Wi-Fi and television, we’re able to turn in for the night safe in the knowledge that we’re not missing anything. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Refugio State Beach, Exit 120, Hwy101, CA (GPS: N34.464570 W120.069459)