24. Apr, 2016


FRIDAY 25-04-08 

We decided to stay another day here at Malibu Beach RV Park. We’d had a very busy day yesterday and were not keen to be back on the road again. As we quite liked the look of Santa Monica when we passed through yesterday we thought we’d take a closer look. 

We caught the bus again and paid our $10 for two all day passes though we had no intention of going anything like as far with them today. On arrival at Santa Monica’s beach we sat near the pier on the lovely warm, clean, huge, sandy beach and ate our lunch. That lightened the load in our backpacks which was helpful, as we then had a stroll along the pier which has the world’s first solar powered Ferris Wheel and an indoor old fashioned carousel which was featured in the film The Sting’, then it was off in to town. Third Street, which runs parallel with the beach was very nice indeed, and better still, was vehicle-free, providing a lovely continental atmosphere. 

We decided we wouldn’t leave it too late before making our way back as we wanted to try and stop off at the Malibu shopping mall on the way through, and the buses are rather infrequent after late afternoon. In attempting to do so we got off the bus too soon and ended up in a chic, fashionable (a term meaning expensive), shopping complex. We waited for an hour in the heat for the next bus which wasn’t much fun, before deciding against trying to stop off further down the road for our shopping and instead made our way back to the RV. 

After jumping on the bus and getting settled in to the front centre facing seat I looked directly across and who was sat there – ‘Catwoman of Malibu’ fast asleep with the scruffy cat on her lap. I suppose I could have woken her and told her she’d missed her stop but it seemed a shame to spoil the cat's peace and quiet. 

Back home we had our chicken curry alfresco, followed by a drink whilst staring out at the Pacific Ocean. Tomorrow we move inland and this will be the last time we will see the Pacific. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Malibu Beach RV Park, 25801 Pacific Coast Highway www.maliburv.com