25. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 27-04-08 

I woke this morning certain something horrible was climbing up my leg, it had me worried until I discovered it was the Elastoplast dressing I’d put on the side of my foot yesterday which had come off during the night and I was lying on it. 

The music from the pop concert and the midnight-to-2am party by the pool on camp afterwards didn’t disturb our sleep at all. However what has annoyed us is the fact that the campground rules seem to have been changed to suit this weekend with quiet hours altered from 22:00-07:00 to 03:00-07:00 allowing revelry to take place within the rules, and since about 09:00 we’ve had to endure loud amplified pop music over the campground PA system to the delight of the concert goers who have taken over the pool area. We’ve complained and are trying to get a refund so that we can move on elsewhere. Sadly we are finding that many businesses just want your money. Once they have it they always have some small print somewhere absolving them from keeping their end of the deal, and somehow entitling them to keep your money. We’ve established that there is a better located campground in Palm Springs with vacancies, and we’ll probably move down there with or without the refund. If we stay here we’ve got the expense of hiring a car for two days, if we move to a better location we may not need one. 

The Lunchtime temperature in the shade of our Wal-Mart gazebo was 110F. Having only bought it yesterday, today was its first day erected, it proved rather troublesome to get up, and it isn’t staying up too well either. It’s like a tent and really needs to be erected on sand or grass supported by pegs and guy ropes and not freestanding on concrete. 

Despite The Chef going back up to the office as the manager had failed to materialise, she came away dissatisfied. She was told that by staying last night we had entered in to a contract, despite the member of staff who told us to stay last night and see how we got on before deciding to move on or not, was sat there yet said nothing. We’ve discussed the situation and decided to move on to the campground at Palm Springs tomorrow. This will mean our losing one day’s camping fees of about $49.50. This has taught us a lesson and in future we will only book a pitch for one night and then extend our stay if it is suitable. This evening we went for a short walk out of the campground gates – there’s nothing here except a gated community across the road with manicured lawns, and then desert-nothingness. We then enjoyed a barbecue which we ate alfresco in our netted gazebo beside the RV. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Shadow Hills RV Resort, 40655 Jefferson Street Indio, CA 92201. www.shadowhillsrvresort.com