25. Apr, 2016


TUESDAY 29-04-08 

This morning we arose early in order to catch the 10:00 Palm Springs Aerial Tram www.pstramway.com , the world’s largest rotating tramcar. We ordered a cab for 09:30 and were there in good time for the ‘flight’. At 8,500ft we reached the top and went for a hike along the nature trail then in to the wilderness area having been issued with a pass from the Rangers allowing us to do so. We ate our packed lunch beside a running stream which was very pleasant. It was about 70F up there, about 30F cooler than down below in Palm Springs. 

On our return to the RV we had a quick, cool, drink and then broke out our folding bikes, having driven through ‘downtown’ on Palm Canyon Drive in the taxi, we were determined to reach it under our own steam before leaving town tomorrow. 

After cycling for about 1 mile we found downtown and had a stroll past the locals feeding their faces at the alfresco restaurants, and a couple of theatres. They even have their own ‘Walk of Fame’ down there. On the way back, annoyingly, we established that we had never needed to walk 1 mile to reach public transport. There is a number 111 bus service which passes the bottom of the road at the campground and will take campers the short distance to downtown. It’s really naughty that campground staff aren’t more aware of local public transport services; we had the same problem at Malibu Beach

When we got back from our cycle ride we did the spa and pool thing again, very pleasant. Dinner tonight consisted of pizza from good old Pizza Hut, just a short walk from the campground.  On the way to get the pizza we saw a lot of smoke rising above the mountain behind the campsite. On the 22:00 news it seems there is a large wildfire up there. 

Unless the wind direction changes and we fry during the night, we will be leaving here tomorrow morning. We are hoping to park the RV outside the cemetery where Frank Sinatra is buried. The guide books say he’s buried here in Palm Springs, but he isn’t – the cemetery is in neighbouring Cathedral City

LOCATION TONIGHT: Happy Traveller RV Park, 211 West Mesquite Avenue, Palm Springs. www.happytravelerrv.com