25. Apr, 2016


MONDAY 05-05-08 

Considering we were having a freebie, dry camping on what should be a fairly busy road we slept reasonably well, quieter than on some campgrounds we’ve paid to stay at. The only disturbance we had was a guy towing a mobile roadwork’s warning sign who pulled up across the road to unhitch and park the sign. It wasn’t that which disturbed us, it was the very loud music he had playing on his truck radio, not helped by the fact that he left his driver's door wide open whilst parked. 

Once up, washed and fed we made sure the RV was clean and tidy out of respect for the chaps who would be working on it before we drove in through the gates at 07:20 – ten minutes early. They said they might need the vehicle for a good part of the day and it could be a long wait. I said in that case we’d have to get a taxi in to town. I gave them our mobile phone number before we went in to the sales area for a free cup of coffee. We then found ourselves in conversation with one of the members of staff, between us we were putting the world to rights, and before we knew it half the morning had gone. 

The Chef thought it could be as much as $80 to get ourselves in to town and back again. As we’d already passed quite a bit of time chatting we didn’t want to risk arriving in Las Vegas only to have the phone ring 10 minutes later telling us the work was completed and so we stayed and looked around their extensive stock of RV’s of all kinds. It reminded us how much we would have loved to have afforded to buy a new Class ‘A’ diesel-pusher motorhome (the engine at the rear just like UK buses). But we’re pleased with what we’ve got, she’s looking after us well and nobody can say we’re spoiling her. In the highly unlikely event we were ever in a position to buy a large type ‘A’ in the future and make an extensive visit, then this trip in our Class ‘C’ would have been a good apprenticeship. 

The vehicle was fixed by lunchtime, some of the work couldn’t be completed as spare parts were required and these would take days to arrive and then needed to be fitted, and we didn’t have the time to wait for them. This work will have to be done after we hand the RV back in to the folk at Motor Home Specialists in Alvarado, Texas who are going to store it for us between this and our second trip commencing in September. 

We made our way to the Manor RV campground behind the Circus Circus Hotel at the end of Las Vegas Strip. This is a well situated campground for us. 

This evening we made our way to the Stratosphere Hotel next door, and photographed the crazy people on the different rides up on the roof, about 1000ft up. After that it was off to the casino here at Circus Circus to lose a few dollars in the slot machines. I think I can understand the entertainment value of gambling at the tables  provided you knew what you were doing of course, but I do struggle to find any entertainment in sitting on a chair pushing $5 notes in to a slot then pressing two buttons alternately – ‘Single Bet’ and ‘Spin Wheel’. There is no other input whatsoever and the machine will either give you something back or it won’t - it didn’t, and I lost about $10, still, looking on the bright side - I didn’t have to worry about being mugged for any big winnings on the short walk back to the RV. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Circus Circus KOA Las Vegas (GPS: N36.139920 W115.164314)