25. Apr, 2016


TUESDAY 06-05-08 

Today I finally managed to get the gas oven to light after the guys at Las Vegas RV showed us the knack. To celebrate this momentous event I baked the tin of cinnamon cakes we’ve had in the freezer since we first arrived in the states some 6 weeks ago. When I read the tin I was horrified at the list of additives, so I won’t be buying any more of them. The tin makes 5 cakes and I have to try and eat them before they dry out in this heat, The Chef wisely tends to steer clear of such sugary treats. I have to say they were very tasty, especially when eaten warm. 

I later moved Super-Gazebo from the rear cargo locker to the cab-over bedroom which we tend to use for additional storage. This will help move some of the weight from the rear to the front axle. I decided that when in transit I would move it down to lie on the floor, keeping the weight low and central and taking any strain off the bodywork in the cab-over area. 

Sorting through all of the handouts we had collected for Las Vegas I came across the 27th April edition of ‘Vegas2Go’ magazine.  In it they appear to be running a series of articles on concierges at the hotels along The Strip, and they all get asked the same set of questions. In this edition it was the turn of Richard Urban, concierge of the Wynn Hotel. One of the questions asked is: ‘What is the funniest thing you’ve seen involving a visitor at your property?’ This is a man who has been the concierge at a major hotel here in Sin City since 2001, and his answer – ‘Seeing a guest licking a self adhesive stamp’. Now is this man living on the edge or what? Or is he living with his eyes closed? 

We planned a relaxing stroll down The Strip today, our final farewell to it. We’ve noticed how much hotter it has become since our first visit in April. We were wearing fleece tops in the evenings then. Today it was hard work walking in the heat and coupled with the noise and the crowds, it wasn’t to our liking at all really. To get out of the heat we went in to the Wynn Hotel to look at the display of Ferrari’s they have at the dealership there. When we eventually found it they were charging an admission fee of $10 a head, so we didn’t bother, I didn’t want to see them that badly but at least we had managed to cool down thanks to their air conditioning. The hotel looked very pleasant inside, a bit classy, and much less noisy than some we’ve been in to. 

It’s quite annoying to be treated as nothing more than a punter, and that’s all you are in Las Vegas. There is no public seating anywhere along The Strip, despite its length and the constant heat. The philosophy seems to be ‘If they’re sitting down out there, they’re not spending’. 

We didn’t manage to get all of the way down The Strip but this didn’t bother us too much as we’d already seen all we wanted to see. Our evening meal consisted of a McDonald’s meal which we shared. The reason being it was late, and we were just too tired to sit and eat a proper meal. It wasn’t a burger but chicken nuggets and fries (real class!) bought with the spoils of our winnings on the slot machines. For years I’ve thought that one day I would go in to a McDonalds and order a burger, fries and drink, and when it came I’d open the burger box, show it to the member of staff, and refuse to accept it, demanding, whilst pointing to the pictures of those that look so tall you’d never get both hands around them to pick them up, and demanding one of those. I think they’d have a problem delivering on that which would be interesting. It wasn’t going to be today though as I didn’t need the hassle. 

Tomorrow we set off for Zion National Park which we’re both looking forward to. We must remember to pop in to the campground office tomorrow before leaving as they have hard-wired internet access points and we need to get a print out of our bank statements. It must be about a month since we last accessed them. Unsecured Wi-Fi is fine for most of our needs but much too risky to use for accessing confidential information. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Circus Circus KOA Las Vegas