25. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 11-05-08 

There appears to be no more fresh water. The water pump went mad during the night following a visit to the bathroom, I assume it was trying to pump up non-existent water, the warning light on the fridge was also flashing and the heating wasn’t working. Luckily last night wasn’t freezing but it was still very cold. 

 We got up and dressed; we both felt pretty skanky, but at least I’d managed to have a very quick shower last night. We needed to replenish everything including water, LPG and fresh food ASAP. We hit the road early on what is Mothers Day here in America, so hopefully the highways will be quieter than usual as generous kids take their mums for the full works at their local Ronald McDonalds. Two miles out of the campground we pulled in to a Chevron garage, refilled with petrol, LPG and fresh water as well as dumping our waste water, though there was a $3 charge for the privilege, and then we hit the road. 

En-route we passed the Big Rock Candy Mountain made famous in a song by Burl Ives back in the 50’s and remembered only by people of a certain age. 

We planned our route in order to shop at a Wal-Mart in Logan. It was a very nice location for a Wal-Mart, surrounded by distant snow-capped mountains. 

We loaded the RV carefully ensuring that everything purchased got loaded after our experience in Palm Springs during the strong winds. It wasn’t until we were much further down the road that we realised the Logan Wal-Mart differed from all of the others we’d visited in that it didn’t sell alcohol, which would explain why we hadn’t topped up on wine. I guess that’s due to Mormon or Utah laws. 

The scenery continued to be spectacular; this is what we had come to see. Every bend in the road bought a new vista. This state is just huge, rugged, and so scenic. It is also very sparsely populated. We had already decide to dry camp tonight and eventually picked a Rest Area high up on a plateau at the junction of I70 and US191, our next road towards Monument Valley on US163. Unfortunately due to the RV’s length we had to park in the area allocated to trucks. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Crescent Junction Rest Area, I70/Hwy191, Utah (GPS: N38.938277 W109.827575).