25. Apr, 2016


TUESDAY 13-05-08 

It rained most of the night and the morning bought a cloudy but dry start to the day here in Monument Valley

We strolled to the shower block which at this campground is behind the office in the main building. The wet sand was ok to walk on and things didn’t look too bad, at least now that it’s wet it’s not able to blow everywhere. The showers here are top notch with lots of hot water and there’s real power behind the water. 

As thunderstorms were expected today we hadn’t planned to do much. We paid for 24 hours internet connection for $3 and booked an all-day tour for tomorrow which will take us through Monument Valley – a grand total of $208. Establishments like this flourished after robbing tourists became more lucrative than attacking wagon trains.

After a morning of domestic chores and using the internet we felt the need to get out and go for a bike ride, after all we could sit indoors anytime, this trip was about getting out and doing things. On the way out I used a payphone to book our tickets on the Durango & Silverton railway www.durangotrain.com . I had to use my phone card, a brilliant idea, something I’d never come across before, and a really useful alternative to a mobile phone with no signal. We’ll be travelling from Durango to Silverton on the train and returning on the bus as reviewers of the journey say that the round trip is rather a long day. I’ve booked a later bus back so that we get to spend a little longer looking around Silverton. 

We rode down to the crossroads about two and a half miles away. It was quite interesting, and lovely to feel part of the landscape. The air really did smell fresh and clean. For the ride we had dressed for the inclement weather that had been forecast, but by the time we had reached the crossroads we were rather hot to say the least. I had a fleece and light raincoat on and I was boiling, the problem was it was easier to wear them than try and carry them on the bikes. 

There are two kinds of films I hate, they are War films and Westerns because I think they glorify something which was less than glorious, yet here we were, having an early evening meal so that we could catch the shuttle bus down to Goulding’s Lodge to watch the free nightly showing of a John Wayne movie. Tonight it was ‘The Searchers’ which was The Chef's preferred choice from the three films offered in rotation. The ‘cinema’ was a fairly small wooden hut. Being the first to arrive we got seats in the front row, next to the isle. The chairs were the most uncomfortable ever and throughout the film I kept trying to move around to take the weight off my backside. I noticed that when I moved I could see the shadow of my leg in the bottom left hand side of the screen, so I couldn’t move around as much as I would have liked, still mustn’t grumble as we were at least spared the annoyance of being surrounded by people rustling bags, munching popcorn and slurping fizzy drinks. 

After the film there wasn’t a shuttle vehicle provided to return us back to the campground and so we had to walk back a distance of about a mile in the dark, with only the moonlit sky and a very occasional lamp post to guide us. We got back to the RV at around 23:30 and went to bed. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Goulding’s Campground, 1000 Main Street Monument Valley, Utah