25. Apr, 2016


WEDNESDAY 14-05-08 

We were up bright and early so that we could be outside the main office at 08:30 ready for the 08:45 start of our all-day tour through Monument Valley. We were eventually to be part of a group of 8, all very nice people and of similar age to us. The trip around the Valley in a 4x4 open sided pickup truck was thoroughly enjoyable. After a trip through Mystery Valley we had a barbecue lunch cooked for us by our female Navajo guide & driver before entering the ‘pay as you go’ area of the Indian Reservation to complete the 17-mile scenic route returning to the campground at about 17:00. The trip was very enjoyable, it was just great to be so close to some of those rock formations seen on TV and at the cinema over the years, though the continual bouncing around in the back of the 4x4 was quite tiring, but other than on a horse it’s about the only way to see some of the places we were taken. 

We’ve spent this evening relaxing and having a barbecue which included two of the sausages we made yesterday. They tasted just fine. We have new neighbours all around us tonight. This seems to be a campground used by people who just pass through on their way to somewhere else. We appear to be surrounded by Germans; now we know how the Swiss felt in 1940. It’s amazing just how many of them hire RV’s out here for holidays. We’ve hardly heard an English accent at all during our trip, not that we’re complaining. 

Tomorrow we may well move on since we cannot hire a car to visit Mugi Dugway, Muley Point Overlook and Valley of the Gods. The frustrating thing is they’re not too many miles away, but without a car they may as well be on the moon. We have to wait until the office down at the Lodge opens in the morning to see if we can get tomorrow night’s campground fee reimbursed. I was given the impression by the staff at the campground reception desk yesterday that it wouldn’t be a problem, but until we know for sure we don’t know exactly what we’re doing. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Goulding’s Campground, 1000 Main Street, Monument Valley, Utah