25. Apr, 2016


SATURDAY 17-05-08 

I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed to photograph the Durango & Silverton trains this morning; I’ll make up for it tomorrow. The weather today has been very pleasant, plenty of sunshine and not too much cloud. 

We caught the Transit Trolley in to town this morning with our newly purchased Black & Decker kettle under my arm – it doesn’t work. I double checked it this morning by fully filling it, but even then it would not automatically shut off once boiled. We went straight to the store we’d bought it from, told them the problem and got a refund no problem, in addition they pulled the only other one of that model they had off display rather than sell it. The assistant concluded that this was a manufacturer’s malfunction. The shop had only two more kettles on display, for some reason electric kettles are really hard to find. There are coffee makers coming out of your ears, as well as kettles that sit on a gas ring, but electric kettles – difficult. 

We decided to make our way to ‘Linen & Things’ a chain store we’ve shopped at elsewhere before, and who are just on the outskirts of town. They tend to have a good selection of kitchen electrical items. We’d go there later in the day rather than carry a replacement around with us. We decided to take a walk down Main Street again. All the way down both sides of the road were stars & stripes flags flying. I thought how nice they looked; can you imagine anything like it happening in the UK? Somebody would ban them for fear they would offend some minority group or other. We Brits have certainly allowed our liberal, deceitful, greedy, spineless politicians to betray us and everything we once proudly stood for.

Before setting out from the UK I had my hair cut. No matter what I ask for, I always seem to get a short back and sides. I knew that as sharp as that last cut was, it wouldn’t last me 13 weeks and I’d need to get it cut just once whilst in the USA. Well today turned out to be that day. Walking down Main Street we came across a barbers shop with an empty chair and so I took advantage of the situation and popped in for a trim. 

The guy cutting it did most of the job with a pair of electric clippers; there was very little cutting done with scissors. I paid up and left pleased that it had cost me half as much as it would have done back home. After leaving I remembered that I intended to ask the barber which road ‘Linen & Things’ was on, so I popped back to ask. Having asked the question he referred me to somebody else in the shop who asked me what we wanted to buy there, I said “A kettle” – blank look – “An electric kettle” – blank, then he asked “Is that the name of a restaurant or something?” At the end of the day we may speak a similar language but this is still a foreign country. 

We ended up making our way out of town to ‘Linen & Things’ on a Transit Trolley. On arrival we found that they only sold one or two models and they were a bit pricey. We decided to return to Kroegers the shop where we had bought the first kettle as The Chef was sure they were cheaper. Back on the bus to town where we bought another model of kettle there. On returning to the RV I caught sight at my hair in the bathroom mirror. It was good to know that if ever I lost my sense of sight and touch I could still get a job as a barber in Durango

We’ve decided against white-water rafting here. Realistically it’s probably something we’ll only ever do once and so thought we’d wait until we get to Jackson, Wyoming and then seriously scare ourselves. 

I got in to a discussion with a retired couple from Texas; they approached me thinking that’s where we’re from as the RV carries Texas registration plates. They were telling me they’d had a pretty unpleasant journey down from Grand Junction and through Ouray. There had been snow up there and the road surface was pretty potholed in places with lots of hairpin bends without safety barriers. This is the route I was planning to take to Moab when we left here because it’s supposed to be very scenic. We will get to see part of the route Monday when we travel back from Silverton on the coach having travelled there on the train from Durango

This evening we had a barbecue and a few glasses of wine. The Chef is enduring cable TV whilst I type this. Tomorrow we plan to take our folding bikes on to the Transit Trolley towards town and then cycle an area down by the river. It now seems that the trolley buses do in fact run on a Sunday. 

In the morning I’m going to try and set up the video camera on a six-inch tripod right next to the railway line then let the train run right past it, so fingers crossed. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: United Campground, 1322 Animas View Drive, Durango, CO