25. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 18-05-08 

I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed for the first train that passes but had to make the effort for the second. I put the wide angle lens on the video camera, mounted it on my mini tripod then placed it on the ground about 4ft away from the railway line. As the train approached I pressed the ‘record’ button and stood well back. Fortunately my previous observations of the train’s width paid off and the camera was still intact after the train had passed. 

After another lovely hot shower and breakfast we rode our bikes up the road one stop to the start of the trolley bus route at the Iron Horse Hotel. When the bus arrived it was empty and the driver very kindly showed us how to mount the bikes on the bus front mounting bracket. This is a really neat idea which we’ve seen in a lot of cities in the states. It’s a folding bike rack which takes two bikes on the front of the vehicle. Fortunately our folding design of bike fitted on the rack ok which saved us the hassle of folding them up again to take them onboard as ‘luggage’. 

After being dropped off at 32nd Street, and releasing our bikes, we headed off to the start of the Animas River Trail. We took a nice slow ride along it, stopping frequently. En-route we came across a trout fish hatchery. Reading the information it seems they breed something like 2 million fish a year which are then released in to rivers and lakes. The best part was the complex was open to the public with no security whatsoever, though there was a large gate which could be shut at night. The trail allowed us to bypass the town along the river before deciding to turn back as the sun by now was really quite hot and I could feel it burning my face and the back of my neck. We stopped off in town for a beer before catching the trolley bus back to the campground. 

I’m not doing too well today, I missed the passing of the first returning train at about 17:00 as I was having a quick nap on the sofa, I heard it coming, you can’t miss it, as it always sounds its whistle as it approaches due to the unguarded crossing here, but I just wouldn’t have had time to set the camera up. I did better 45 minutes later for the second train, and had the camera set up beside the track. As the train approached I again hit the ‘Record’ button and stood back. To my horror as the train approached I noticed it was draining off boiling hot water down beside the track where the camera would be. I could just imagine picking up the camera, totally ruined by boiling water. Luckily my distance calculations were ok and the camera survived, the water missed it but I don’t think I’ll be doing that again. 

Having had our evening meal The Chef is working through receipts for the expenditure spreadsheet whilst I type this. I think afterwards we’ll be getting everything ready for tomorrow’s ride on the Durango to Silverton Railway. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: United Campground, 1322 Animas View Drive, Durango, CO 81301