25. Apr, 2016


THURSDAY 22-05-08 

We took the Jeep in to Arches National Park today www.nps.gov/arch which was rather disappointing. As The Chef pointed out – perhaps we’re ‘Rocked Out’, in that we’ve seen so many vistas, rocks, cliffs, arches, hoodoos etc we have become a bit indifferent to them. I’m sure if ‘Arches’ had been at the beginning of our trip we would have been impressed, but I think we were subconsciously comparing everything with what we’d seen elsewhere. The Arches National Park does not seem to have an abundance of arches as the name suggests, and the arches we did get to see, apart from Delicate Arch, aren’t really that impressive. Perhaps what spoils it is that it’s too accessible; there is a main road which runs from one end to the other, with a few short circular turn-off routes on the way. There are numerous small pull-ins (lay-bys) all the way along the road plus a few larger parking areas. This means visitors join a line of other vehicles driving through the park and which continually pull over to take pictures. It must be very difficult to find a parking space to pull in to during the peak vacation season. 

This evening’s meal was a casserole cooked in the slow cooker. For safety reasons we never leave the slow cooker on in our absence without using a time switch as it ensures the food will be turned off at a reasonable time in case we are delayed for any reason rather than having it cook dry and overheat, we also have better control over the cooking time, often setting it to come on mid or late morning, depending on what we're cooking. 

The campground is filling up this evening as this is Memorial Day weekend, Monday being Memorial Day, so it’s a Bank Holiday weekend. Tomorrow morning we have to move the RV to another site (pitch) within the campground as the one we’re sitting on has been allocated to somebody else who will arrive sometime tomorrow. 

We had expected to return to Arches National Park but we’ve seen all we want to and frankly, we’re ready to move on and would do so if it wasn’t for the fact we have the jeep rented for another day and we’ve paid the campground fee for tomorrow night. I think we’ll get the maps out in the morning having moved the RV, and try and find somewhere to drive to. 

This evening we’ve been entertained by a couple of British comedy programmes on Cable TV. The first was ‘To the Manor Born’ and the second was ‘May to September’ starring Anton Rogers who plays a middle aged solicitor having a relationship with a 27 year old PE teacher. I remember both these programmes being first shown about 30 years ago and it makes me wonder if the Americans think this is how we live in the UK today. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Canyonlands Campground, 555 South Main Street, Moab,