25. Apr, 2016


SATURDAY 24-05-08 

We were pleased to be leaving Moab today. The campground was full and the pitch we’d moved to was right next to a bathroom block. Consequently campers were continually trudging past our RV to cut through to the loos and showers, understandable but annoying. There were lots of adults staggering around the campground wearing only pyjamas, campers attempting to cook breakfasts over damp real wood fires which, as a consequence, created a lot of smoke, kids everywhere, and the roar of adult toys being started and throttled up. We felt like New Age travellers. The RV had been partly prepared for transit last night which made a huge difference and allowed us to be on the road at 08:30. 

This is Memorial Day weekend and the roads are very busy, for many miles after leaving Moab we saw jeeps, pickups and cars carrying and towing ATV’s and trials bikes going the other way, if they’re all heading for Moab there’ll probably end up being traffic jams on the off-road trails. It was a fairly cool journey, sunny most of the time with occasional light showers and at one point we had climbed up amongst snow on either side of the road, the remains of what fell here only a couple of days ago. 

The RV ran really well and the road surface was good. Utah may have the least number of roads per square mile of any state but what they do have they look after. As a consequence we made good time and were on the outskirts of Salt Lake City at about 14:30 which was far too early to park up in a Wal-Mart for the night, besides which the stores we had seen on the way were very busy indeed and would make it difficult or impossible to park the RV. I decided to take a look at the salt flats at Bonneville, but unfortunately fellow motorists wouldn’t let me move over to the lane I needed and the next thing I’m going in the opposite direction to the one I want. By now I was getting hacked off with the very busy roads full of drivers in a hurry to go nowhere in particular and decided to call it a day. The Chef  phoned the KOA campground at Salt Lake City  www.slckoa.com and they could take us a day early and so we made for there. 

En-route we managed to get a number of outstanding issues sorted. I exchanged my lounger chair which broke about three weeks ago but we’d not been near a ‘Camping World’ store since then to swap it. I also bought a new folding cycle bag as the one I bought at Camping World in Albuquerque is rubbish. The staff at Camping World here in Salt Lake City were really helpful and suggested we could overcome  our basket problem on the bikes by lashing them to the bracket over the rear wheel using small plastic cable ties. Meanwhile The Chef managed to track down a store where she could buy a replacement printer cartridge, I then got the tyre pressures checked again. 

The campground is ok, much smaller than I’d been led to believe. It takes about 170 RV’s and some tents. We feel quite at home here as there is the usual railway track somewhere not too far away and we get regular horns blown by the trains as they approach unguarded crossings. 

Tomorrow we have to be up bright and early as we’re booked on the 08:20 shuttle to watch a live performance by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, something which is on my list of things to see and do 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Salt Lake City KOA, 1400 West North Temple, Salt Lake City (GPS: N40.771658 W111.932175).