25. Apr, 2016


MONDAY 26-05-08 

We awoke to a wet morning, it had been raining most of the night and there was no sign of it stopping. We didn’t get up until about 10am, the first real lie in we’d had since the beginning of the trip, but only because there was nothing much else to do. We can’t complain really. This is the first day that it has been truly wet since we arrived 8 weeks ago, and normally even the rain wouldn’t put us off, we would just put on our waterproofs and crack on, but today there’s not really anywhere to go. I went on to the internet and discovered that back home in the UK they were having the same miserable, wet, Bank Holiday weekend as us. That made me feel a whole lot better. 

We decided to go in to town on the 13:00 free shuttle service just to get out for some fresh air. We discovered last night that between us neither had taken pictures of the interior of the Tabernacle, Rosina had wrongly thought there had been a ban on photography and I had only taken a couple of video shots. We also wanted to take a look at the State Capital Building which looks pretty grand, a bit like the one in Washington. We would therefore run the gauntlet of ‘God’s Scary People’ to take pictures of the Tabernacle before going on to the Capitol building

After waiting outside in the rain for about 20 minutes The Chef popped in to the campground office to enquire about the shuttle. It appears that although the shuttle people phoned the office to say they’d run today they never showed up and their phone goes unanswered. Missionaries – they should be boiled in a pot and eaten

We decided to cross the road and catch a local bus instead. They’re supposed to run every 15 minutes and we’d missed one by about 5 minutes, so we shouldn’t have had too long to wait. Then the thunder and lightning started, then the heavens opened, and after standing in the heavy rain for a while decided that it was all too miserable to bother with, and so we popped back in to the shop, bought a souvenir mug and came back to the RV, turned the heating and TV on, and settled in for the rest of the day. On television at the moment is news of the devastation caused by numerous tornadoes running through Central American states. 

This evenings meal will now be Spaghetti Bolognese due to the fact that it’s still showery and not the ideal weather for a barbecue. Later we’ll get the housework done and bring in the slide-out so that we’re ahead of the game in the morning allowing us a faster getaway out of town heading for Jackson, Wyoming

LOCATION TONIGHT: Salt Lake City KOA, 1400 West North Temple, Salt Lake City.