25. Apr, 2016


MONDAY 02-06-08 

We didn’t sleep too well last night camped at Wal-Mart. For the first time ever in a Wal-Mart car park we were joined by truckers, some of whom decided to run their engines none stop. I even moved the RV to the other side of the car park and hid behind another truck to try and deaden the noise. It helped a little, but there was a lot of HGV traffic in and out all night. This morning we just couldn’t be bothered to have a shower and so had a good wash instead and saved the water in case we needed it tonight. 

Once we’d had breakfast we popped down the road to ‘Home Store’, a DIY chain just like B&Q back home, and checked out their gas BBQ grills. We found one that looked as if it would do the job and rather than carry it back, we picked it up as we left town. I was even cheeky enough to put it together in the store and leave them with the cardboard box and wrapping. 

On the way to Devils Tower using I90 we stopped by in the town of Buffalo. Parking the RV was tricky and we finished up leaving it in a back street one block down from the main street. There were a few historical looking blocks of shops and a hotel on both sides of the road, and that was about it, the rest of the town looked like so many others. What it did have was sunshine, and it was very pleasant just being able to walk about in it again. 

We then continued our journey to Devils Tower, stopping just once for lunch. Throughout the journey we tried without success to phone the campground to see if they could accommodate us two days earlier than planned, and to change the booking from one night to two as I feel in need of a day’s relaxation. The driving has been quite demanding over the past few days, not helped by having an AT&T mobile phone who probably provide better coverage on the moon’s surface than on the West side of America. 

Soon after arriving at Devils Tower we were greeted with a thunderstorm, but very little rain. The campground itself is right next to the entrance to the Devils Tower National Monument so we really do get an excellent view of the tower. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Devils Tower KOA campground, 60 Hwy 110, Devils Tower, WY 82714 (GPS: N44.58911 W104.699371).