25. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 15-06-08 

We didn’t hurry too much this morning as we hadn’t got too far to go to the Palo Duro Canyon State Park www.palodurocanyon.com . Last night the campground was pretty busy, but this morning many had already moved on, and more were to follow including us, I guess it's used predominantly as a transit stopover. 

Shortly before moving off we discussed the options and at the last minute agreed to give the Palo Duro a miss, and instead go straight to Lubbock  www.visitlubbock.org . The route took us south down the I27 for about 120 miles. We were making for the Buddy Holly Center www.buddyhollycenter.org , Lubbock being where Buddy was born and grew up. Fortunately the Centre was very conveniently located near an exit off the Interstate highway, and easy to find. 

The admission prices were very reasonable, $3 for seniors (over 60) and $4 for adults. The Chef asked for one of each. The cashier eyed me up and down and then charged her $8 for two adults. Although it was an additional dollar we let it go as without realising it she’d paid one of us a compliment, though we weren’t sure which. The museum contained interesting memorabilia, including Buddy's spectacles, recovered from the wreckage. It's a shame he didn't loan them to the pilot. There was also a small theatre where visitors could watch a short video about Buddy’s life. 

That done we picked up a leaflet and went to find Buddy’s grave, as The Chef remarked “The only famous people we’ve visited have been dead ones”. The cemetery was on the outskirts of town and was large enough to take the RV in to. Buddy’s grave was next to the driveway and well signposted. Although Rosina had tossed quite a few’ pennies’ on to Buffalo Bill’s grave back in Golden, Colorado, we didn’t actually place any on Buddy’s. I don’t know why, maybe it was because Frank Sinatra already owed us 9 cents and in all honesty I couldn’t see Buddy squaring us up either. 

After a few pictures we climbed back in to the RV and made for the ‘Walk of Fame’ back in town. Fortunately parking wasn’t a problem as they had very thoughtfully built it near a local Wal-Mart supermarket, and so that’s where we parked the vehicle and walked the short distance. It was rather disappointing; they could have done so much more with it. There were lots of brass plaques commemorating other celebrities who are world famous in Lubbock, though a few of the names were familiar having visited the Buddy Holly Center including Roy  Orbison. 

Whilst standing there I was reminded of the book ‘Beginner’s Guide to Writing Country & Western Music’ by Hank ‘Sad’ B. Astard. In it he advises students: 

Circle one option on each line: 



This old town/big city

On/In a

Jet plane/pickup/horse/freight train

He/She’s got

The blues/a pickup truck/horse/dog/problems/no money

He/She’s crying

All night long/in their sleep/in their beer

He/She’s leavin’

This ol’ town/big city with:

Pickup truck/ma horse/ma dog/ma guitar/ma best friend/ma woman/ma best friend’s dog. 

Having circled one from each line, there’s your story, now just write the lyrics and sing them in the bathtub preferably suffering from a heavy cold and having consumed lots of alcohol. 

I wonder how many famous Country & Western stars owe their fame to Hank. 

It didn’t take us as long as expected to cover the Buddy Holly connections, it was only about 16:00, very hot, and too early to settle in for the night on the Wal-Mart car park for another free night’s parking. So we pushed on towards Abilene, not a planned stop, but we’re a few days ahead of schedule and The Chef says there’s a small State Park there. We made it as far as Snyder about 100 miles down the road. We had passed numerous oil fields with their ‘nodding dog’ pumps, and had run neck and neck with a large thunderstorm over on our left side. The small local Wal-Mart at Snyder kindly gave us permission to dry camp in their car park for the night, and having popped down the road for some more wine we parked up, turned on the generator and air conditioning and settled down in a cooler environment whilst enjoying our evening meal. Hopefully this will be one of the quieter Wal-Mart car parks as we are so far off the beaten track. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Wal-Mart car park, Snyder, TX