25. Apr, 2016


MONDAY 16-06-08 

We didn’t sleep at all well last night. It was so hot, the temperature in the RV was 85F and like it or not, we eventually had to fire up the generator in the early hours and turn on the air conditioning.

This morning we had a nice hot shower in the RV. After breakfast, and before setting off, I had to pop across to the Wal-Mart store and buy a replacement ‘Milky Way’. During the night, not being able to sleep I got up for a chocky bar and a glass of water, both of which were in the fridge. Unfortunately I ate The Chef's ‘Milky Way’ rather than my ‘Snicker’ bar, clearly the palate is dulled during the hours of darkness, either that, or all the chocky bars taste the same. 

Once on the road we made for Abilene. Originally we were going to go to the State Park there and camp overnight, but after last night’s experience we agreed that we needed to have hookup facilities which would allow us to run our air conditioning when required, using campground electricity rather than running our generator. 

The Chef trawled the campground guidebook and came up with a KOA campground www.texaskoa.com just off the main road in Abilene. So here’s where we ended up. The route here was again a mixture of farming and oil fields, and the inevitable side winds. 

We’ve spent much of the day sorting out the cupboards on the vehicle and trying to identify what needs to come home with us and what we can leave behind for the second leg of the trip hopefully starting in September visiting the eastern states. We also made time to sit out in our seldom-used reclining chairs soaking up the sun in the 100F temperatures. Fortunately we had been given a pitch which enjoyed shade from a large tree whenever we needed it. 

We had a barbecue this evening. I marinated and basted my steak in a concoction of ingredients we had left in the cupboards. It tasted ok actually. 

We’re going to stay here another night before moving to the Fort Worth area, where I want to revisit some of the sights we first saw 12 months ago when we came over to buy the RV. 

I went for a shower over in the bathroom block before going to bed, it was dark and late and in the distance I could see lots of electrical activity in the clouds on the horizon. On returning to the RV I bought in the slide-out unit to avoid damage to the awning above it in case we got a nasty storm with heavy rain or hail. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: KOA campground, 4851 W. Stamford St, Abilene, TX, 79603 (GPS: N32.478297 W99.783774).