28. Apr, 2016


TUESDAY 02-09-08 

This morning we bought a few bits and pieces in the campground shop, said our farewells and returned to Motorhome Specialists. There we met with Kelly who took us through the work they'd carried out. They also fixed a fault with the air-conditioning which had reared its head last night. We then parted, with our grateful thanks for all their help in getting two rookies back on the road. 

Our destination was Memphis and by now it was late morning. I had allowed two days to cover the 450+ miles. The Chef programmed the Satnav, and we hit the road. As the journey progressed the sky became cloudy, then overcast and then it rained, and it rained, and it rained. Not just any rain. This was Texan rain - heavy, and lots of it. The weather statistics I had gathered over about three years to assist in planning the trip suggested we should be enjoying good weather for much of the next 90 days, but the statistics had not factored in complications like ‘Gustav’ a nasty hurricane which had trampled over Cuba, crossed the Gulf of Mexico and had landed in Louisiana just days ago and we were suffering the aftermath of that weather system.

After covering about 200 miles taking us past Dallas and onwards on I30 East, we pulled in to a Wal-Mart store in Texarkana, Texas for the night. Having done some more shopping, jetlagged, we turned in at about 20:00 and slept like logs despite the heavy rain pounding the RV. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Wal-Mart Super, 4000 New Boston Road, Texarkana, Texas 75501. (GPS: N33.446288 W94.099638)