28. Apr, 2016


SATURDAY 13-09-08 

This morning the alarm went off early in order that we could get ready, decamp, and be on the road by 08:15, as we had a 7 mile drive to The Thoroughbred Center www.thethoroughbredcenter.com for our planned visit. If we’d had a tow car then we could have left the RV in situ and plumbed in, but instead the RV had to be our means of transport. We arrived in good time, ample time in fact as our tour guide for 09:00 was late, in fact didn’t turn up at all, and a replacement guide had to be found at very short notice, and so our visit, with 7 other guests on the shuttle bus started at 09:50.

We took a look at the horses being exercised around the track and got to talk to some of the jockey’s on their mounts before touring around the stable area and then to trainer Michael C. Cameron’s stable block. I was keen to speak to him as I had asked the guide ‘How do you train a horse – unlike an athlete they can’t understand what you’re trying to convey to them”, the guide couldn’t answer the question. 

Michael was a larger than life character and exceedingly interesting to listen to. He explained why horses were bred and trained in the Lexington, Kentucky area, it was to do to climate, soil etc. He had a real passion for his craft and was a mine of information, and training it seems, is done very much by repetition and rewards. Michael also introduced us to a two year old horse of his by the name of ‘Tellmeasecret’, a two year old which had just got its license for starting out of the stalls and had yet to race. We were with Michael quite a while and he was good enough to give up his time for us. He even pointed out neighboring properties and told us who they belonged to, and we’re talking serious, serious money. After Michael’s stable block we took a bit more of a look around before the tour ended. We did enjoy it I have to say, being up so close to such magnificent animals was quite memorable. 

We made our way back to the Kentucky Horse Park Campground and booked back in again as we’d only booked for one night yesterday. Today we opted for pitch number one after having had a tour of the vacant sites. This pitch is right on the edge of the campground, is quiet, and has a nice view over acres of mown fields which are part of the campground. I don’t think we’ve ever been in one so spacious. The rest of the day was spent lazing around followed by a barbecue on a new toy which allows us to cook food above my gas powered campfire. The food tasted just fine, but just like home it was the clearing up afterwards that was the nuisance. 

Tomorrow we plan to take a steady run up to Dayton, Ohio, about 150 miles north. This is where the Wright Brothers had their bicycle shop, and ended up building and flying airplanes. We’ll be travelling on a more minor road as we feel that travelling on the Interstates is convenient but we do miss so much of the local life. We won’t be hurrying to leave in the morning as checkout isn’t until 12:00 and we’ve nothing else to do other than complete the journey to Dayton via Cincinnati where we’ll be camping in a Wal-Mart car park again and you can’t really arrive at them too early in the day for an overnight park. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Kentucky Horse Park Campground, 4089 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511 www.kyhorsepark.com