28. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 14-09-08 

This morning we woke to a bright and breezy day, just right for a brisk walk to the showers. Behind the shower block is the swimming pool secured behind a low steel mesh fence. On approaching it this morning I thought to myself ‘That pool water looks lovely and clear’ so clear I felt the need to take a closer look, only to find it was so clear it was empty, not a drop on water in it, that’s why I could see the sides so easily, and to think I recently paid a lot of money at the opticians for an eye test and two new pairs of glasses. 

The shower block is really quite good and after a scrub up and breakfast we started preparing the vehicle for departure. All morning the wind had been getting stronger and quite blustery, but other than staying here another day we needed to bite the bullet and go. We popped over to the campground office to book out and use their modem facility which I’d spotted in the literature only this morning. I checked the internet bank statements to see how poor we were, The Chef checked her emails, and then it was time for the off. There was just one hold up on the way out as we had to dump all of our waste water along with quite a lot of other people who needed to do the same thing, and so we had to join the Pooh Queue. We were finally clear of the campground at about 12:00. 

We decided to make our way to Dayton along Highway 27 which runs parallel with Interstate 75 between Lexington and Cincinnati. We felt that by keeping to the Interstates too much we were missing the local scenery and a feel for how folk lived. The scenery as we moved north changed from the wealth and manicured homesteads of the Lexington horse fraternity to rather poor communities, with not much going for them. Just before a place called Falmouth we passed quite a few tobacco drying sheds, even managing to take pictures of one right beside the road. The tobacco in there must have been worth a lot of money, yet the owners felt confident in leaving it right there by the roadside hanging in the shed. There’s obviously more respect for the law here than back in the UK. 

As the afternoon progressed the wind got stronger and stronger until it reached gale force. It seems this was as a result of Hurricane ‘Ike’ which unexpectedly changed direction causing trees to crash down in the road, electrical power failures including traffic lights everywhere and our continual buffeting across the road. We even managed to eat a road works cone about the size of a dustbin. This is a nation that can put a man on the moon and send live TV pictures back and yet nearly 40 years later can’t design a large plastic cone that will stay upright in strong wind. Drivers were having to dodge them continually as the cones wanted to play ‘chicken’ with us as they rolled across the carriageways. Eventually the front of the RV claimed one and I had to pull in to the roadworks lane, stop, and reverse, in order to release it from under the front of the vehicle. We had hit another one earlier in such a way that it spun like mad and actually overtook us. Pulling back in to the line of fast moving traffic after the extrication was not fun. Driving attitudes over this East side are quite different from the West. 

Whilst passing around Cincinnati we came across yet more road works. They had torn up the road surface out near the wide central reservation. Within the working area there were two chemical toilet units for the workman, both of which had been blown over, one resting at an angle on the crash barrier and the other completely on its side. I just hope it hadn’t landed on the same side as the door with somebody still inside it. 

After about 5 hours on the road enduring other motorists, and fighting the wind, we arrived at the Wal-Mart Superstore, Huber Heights near Dayton. After shopping we settled down to a nice casserole prepared and cooked in the slow cooker yesterday. 

By late evening the wind thankfully had died down quite a lot. Tomorrow we plan to visit the Wright Patterson AFB where they have the world’s largest aircraft museum. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Wal-Mart Super, 7680 Brandt Pike, Huber Heights, nr Dayton OH 45424 (GPS: N39.864293 W84.100564).