29. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 21-09-08 

This morning we woke to a lovely Sunday morning and many people seemed to be having a lie in. No such luxury for us as we had to prepare for our trip to Niagara Falls, not a long trip, about 150 miles, but we needed to do some shopping on the way, as well as find somewhere to park up for the night. 

We left Geneva-on-the-Lake around noon and continued along the coastal road to Ashtabula where we would do our Wal-Mart Superstore shopping before turning inland and pick up the I90 again. The ten-mile drive along the coast was very pleasant, there were some lovely properties with views across Lake Erie which itself was looking very blue. On arriving in Ashtabula we hit a snag – the road we wanted was closed for road work, and in trying to get around it the Satnav was sending us round and round in circles. We also had to endure more very rough roads. Ohio has without doubt provided us with the worst general road conditions of any state on either trip. There are pot holes, cracks, bumps, dips and broken surfaces everywhere. In the end we gave up and headed out to I90 intending to shop at the Wal-Mart branch in Amherst near Niagara Falls. Enroute we pulled off to visit a branch of ‘Camping World’ where I bought a small right-angled plastic pipe to fit in the toilet flushing unit as our pipe had a kink in it which reduced the water pressure delivered. 

We arrived at our planned Wal-Mart branch in Amherst only to discover it was yet another branch where there was no fresh food, and we really did need to stock up on a number of items, so having asked a member of staff where we could buy food we finished up a couple of miles down the road at a shop by the name of ‘Wegmans’. We’re not sure if this is part of a chain but it had a great selection of quality food, none of it cheap, but needs must, and we stocked up accordingly. The temperature was noticeably cooler, we’d left Geneva in 72F sunshine and it was now overcast and 57F. 

After returning to the RV and putting everything away we decided to make for the Wal-Mart store at Niagara Falls a further 8 miles or so down the road rather than go back two miles to the Amherst branch, this did mean the hot food we’d bought for our evening meal needed reheating by the time we arrived but we felt it was worth it. In theory we should now be located much nearer to the Falls themselves. 

We only took a couple of photographs today, one was of the neighbour across from us at Geneva-on-the-Lake who arrived yesterday with his 5th wheel toy carrier complete with Harley Davidson motorcycle in the back. Yesterday he unloaded it, took it for a 30 minute spin and then parked it next to his rig for the night. I took a couple of quick pictures yesterday and one today as he was reloading the Harley prior to his departure ahead of us. He was travelling alone, probably having traded his wife in for the Harley. It was to show that Harley’s out here are just weekend toys, the damn things are everywhere on Saturdays and Sundays, ridden mainly by geriatrics and wannabee hell raisers who have to go back to work behind their desks on Monday morning and in the meantime make more noise than the tractors-with-no-exhaust-pipe parade at the East of England Show. 

Provided we’re up at a reasonable time in the morning we should be among the first on the beach with our buckets and spades. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Wal-Mart, 5555 Porter Rd, Niagara Falls, NY 14304. (Now relocated to  GPS: N43.095171 W78.977191)