29. Apr, 2016


WEDNESDAY 24-09-08 

We woke early having had a peaceful night, Rosina elected to shower in the RV whilst I, being the other half of a couple, the only couple on at least 75% of the campground was determined to give the cleaners something to do and so showered in the bathroom block not too far away. 

We ran the generator for a while so that The Chef could dry her hair in the bathroom and make our usual flask of coffee for the days travelling. After preparing the vehicle for the journey ahead I reversed it the wrong way round the campground loop until I reached the tap near our allocated pitch. There I filled the freshwater tank to 2/3 full before committing the greatest of sins – washing the vehicle. I had to use cold soapy water but managed to give it a quick once over which was needed especially on the rear. My feelings were that since I’d had no electricity out of them I’d have water instead. That done we made our way out of the campground with The Chef reading the campground receipt from the night before announcing that we’d paid a basic fee of $13 plus $6 for extras, plus state tax of course. I asked her what the extras were for and she said electricity, and so I turned the vehicle round and went back to the office. In I went to find yet again Miss Eat-a-whole-pizza-for-breakfast and another member of staff. I asked her to explain what the extras were, I let her tell me that it was for electricity before I pointed out to her that we had no electricity last night because we were 30 amp which she’d been told by The Chef, and they only supply 20 amp which has a different plug connection. A shrug of the shoulders and an announcement of policy which was that it was a flat rate charge for electricity, we had electricity available on the pitch so that was that. I left the office hoping against hope that she’d have a near-death experience choking on her one remaining slice of a large pizza. 

Off we went, making for Rochester, NY to do some shopping at the local Wal-Mart Superstore. We hadn’t been to a large one for a while, instead running across much smaller stores selling a bit of everything but not much food.  The early part of this journey took us along the coast close to Lake Ontario, where there were some very nice lakeside properties and across the road, swamps, which I was surprised to see, though I’m sure the wealthy locals would refer to them as ‘wetlands’. 

On arrival at Wal-Mart we did our bits of shopping before the penny dropped that many of these larger stores do tyres and oil changes, so off I went to their counter and asked about an oil change for the RV. Yes they’d do it, but they didn’t have an oil filter for our vehicle and so off I walked to a store about ¼ mile away to buy the correct filter before returning and booking the vehicle in. 

The guys did the oil and filter change in 20 minutes and charged me about $47 which I thought was very reasonable so I gave them a $5 tip for some doughnuts with their coffee. We loaded up our shopping and hit the road bound for Albany, further down the I90 Toll Road-cum-Interstate Highway. 

The scenery for so much of this trip has been very much like rural England, today though as we got closer to Albany it did start to get a bit more interesting by way of some large hills, small lakes, the Erie Canal, which seems to be running parallel with us, and leaves on the trees which seem to be on the turn ready to be visited by the annual ‘Leaf peepers’. 

On arrival at  Albany ‘She’ in Satnav delivered us to Wal-Mart only for us to discover signs everywhere saying no overnight parking by RV’s or trucks. This was a blow, we still needed some wine and so decided to pop in and get some whilst clarifying the situation. It’s true not all Wal-Mart’s allow overnight parking but I only listed as potential overnight campgrounds those which did. Having established that this huge two-story Wal-Mart didn’t sell wine either, we had a look around. 

A member of staff on the exit door clarified the parking situation and in fact we could park overnight but only on the rear car park which is also on the flight path of Albany International Airport as well as next to the Interstate. We have yet to hear the sound of the obligatory freight trains. It looks as if we will not be enjoying a quiet night tonight, never mind, as always with Wal-Mart, it’s free and convenient, and we're always grateful for their hospitality. 

Tomorrow is the final leg of our journey to the Boston, Massachusetts area, though exactly where we will be camping remains a mystery even to me, due to the lack of anything locally suitable. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Wal-Mart, Washington Avenue Extension, Albany, NY 12205 (GPS: N42.694780 W73.845513)