29. Apr, 2016


THURSDAY 25-09-08

Today has been a long day. We didn’t sleep too well at all last night, fortunately the aircraft in to Albany International Airport didn’t fly all night, but the traffic down the I90 did. This was probably the noisiest and largest Wal-Mart freebie campground ever. The great shame is that if they had allowed us to park on the other side of the store we wouldn’t have heard the traffic at all. Still we mustn’t be ungrateful, there have been times, due to the lack of private campgrounds that we’d have been stuck without Wal-Mart providing us with overnight parking. 

We were back on the road at about 09:30 having first popped in to the store as I needed to buy some blank DVD’s on which to download digital photographs at the end of each month. We also purchased a small carry pouch for the compact camera, smaller and more convenient than the one we currently use. 

We stopped at a number of Rest Areas on the way to Boston, this gave us a chance to stretch our legs and Rosina's back. We discussed the limited options for campgrounds in Boston and by Boston I mean within about a 50 mile radius. There were various mix and match options involving car hire to town, car hire to railway station, taxi to station, shuttle to station but only at a fixed time. In the end we opted for Ellis Haven campground www.ellishaven.com why I can’t remember now, I think it was because we could take a 6-mile taxi ride to the railway station, and from there a train to Boston or skip the taxi and drive the RV to the station. Anyhow we finally arrived at Ellis Haven, paid our money for just one night, having learned lessons from the last trip, were allocated our pitch and went in search of it.

As we slowly toured the campground looking for our pitch, slowly, not because there were children running around but slowly because if we’d gone any faster we’d have probably ripped the underside of the vehicle out, or completely rearranged everything in every locker. I’ve never come across a campground like it. Scruffy and rough would be an insult to those who live scruffy and rough.  There was no way I was staying there and it was particularly annoying because I’d mentally prepared myself for an end to the days driving task. Save to say the air was blue, but The Chef being the calm ambassador managed to get our money back.

By now we decided to forget Boston, I felt I’d done my bit in trying to visit, but there are just no practical campground solutions to visiting the city. Fortunately we had previously visited it in 2000 prior to a 7 day tour of New England in the Fall, but it would have been nice to have revisited some of the locations. So off we went again, this time bound for Atlantic Oaks RV Park www.capecamping.com on Cape Cod, the collective name for just about everywhere on the peninsular of land jutting out in to the Atlantic Ocean from south of Plymouth to Provincetown

We arrived here at about 17:00 having been on the road all day. This campground isn’t the Hilton but it will do. The original idea had been for us to camp at Provincetown but having gone on to two campground websites back in the UK, I felt their terms and conditions were far too heavily weighted against the customer and so decided to stay here and travel up to Provincetown as a day trip. I quickly had us plumbed in to all facilities including Cable TV, the bringer of the most appalling drivel that has ever been created by man, but without the snowy bits that an outdoor aerial brings. A quick flick to the Weather Channel bought us news that we were about to get heavy rain and winds overnight tonight and tomorrow, and more to come on Saturday, especially if a Tropical Storm out in the Atlantic becomes a Hurricane and heads our way. Not to worry, I know that if we leave the campground, turn left, go down to the roundabout and take the third turning right we’ll be on the Evacuation Route off the peninsular. Other than that it’s a day trip to Provincetown tomorrow in heavy wind and rain, a trip to the Liquor store down the road to buy a box of wine and then back to the RV to await the storm or hurricane whilst I hide under the blankets and suck my thumb. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Atlantic Oaks RV Park, 3700 State Hwy, Eastham, MA 02642-2114 (GPS: N41.845301 W69.984658).