29. Apr, 2016


FRIDAY 26-09-08 

The threatened rain didn’t hit us as early as predicted; there was a little about 05:00 onwards, which meant having to wear a raincoat to get to the nearby shower block. Once scrubbed up and fed the rain started coming down harder forcing us to wear our Gore-Tex waterproof coats and leggings right away rather than carry them around in the backpack. 

We had a half-mile walk to the bus stop which just happened to be close to the Dunkin Donut and Liquor stores. Having reminded Rosina that she did say only yesterday that we must visit a Dunkin Donut before the end of the trip, we popped in and ordered three for collection on the way back from our bus trip to Provincetown. We also selected the box of wine in the Liquor store which we would be buying on our way back. 

The 11:15 bus was bang on time, I was rather hoping to get a good view of the scenery enroute but the windows were steamed up badly and we didn’t really see much at all. 

On arrival at Provincetown we had a look around in the pouring rain spending long enough doing so to get pretty wet and fed up so elected to go for lunch and a coffee. The Chef ordered Fish & Chips in a basket and for me a slice of BBQ flavoured pizza (I wanted to leave space for the donuts later). After waiting about 20 minutes the very camp waiter came to tell me there was no BBQ pizza, so I chose the cheese alternative and continued to wait using the time constructively by drying off the compact camera using my serviette having taken a few pictures earlier and in the process soaking both the camera and its case. I was carrying the video camera in my backpack but there was no way I was getting it out in this weather. Following lunch we had a further wander around before deciding we’d about had enough and should make our way back earlier than planned. 

Shortly before leaving town I realised Provincetown had a large Gay community, which I don’t have a problem with, but it seems to be the same situation at Key West in Florida and San Francisco, California. Maybe it’s the combined smell of suntan oil, sand and sea air, that attracts them, though I don’t recall Skegness having a similar draw. 

The return bus was running a little late, but at least it turned up and offered us somewhere warm and dry to shelter. The journey back took about 50 minutes and after jumping off we picked up our donuts and box of wine. The shop assistant in the Liquor Store remembered us and remarked with surprise that we’d returned to buy the box of wine to which I replied “I’m an Englishman - I always keep my word” I ask you - how naff is that eh? 

With our box of wine in a bag to keep it dry and plastic covered boxed Dunkin Donuts under Rosina’s arm, we made our way back to the RV walking beside a spray sodden road. We were really looking forward to getting back, getting our wet togs off and relaxing. We walked past a small hardware store which I hadn’t noticed on the way down and so I popped in and bought a couple of stick-on white plastic hooks to put up in the shower cubicle so that we will have somewhere to hang wet clothing to drip dry, something which has been lacking, but not really necessary up until now. 

The evening has been spent catching up on paperwork and accounts, watching some TV, including news that today the English Channel was crossed by a man with a jet engine strapped to his back and Edward Kennedy has been taken to hospital from his home down the road from here, followed by live coverage of the first Obama v McCain TV debate. 

The rain is still beating down heavily on the RV but at least we’re warm & cosy in here. Tomorrow we are planning to visit the Kennedy Museum here on Cape Cod plus a look around Hyannis, the families old stomping ground. We will be using the bus again rather than pack everything away and using the RV for transport. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Atlantic Oaks RV Park, 3700 State Hwy, Eastham, MA 02642-2114.