29. Apr, 2016


SATURDAY 27-09-08 

We had a bit of a lie-in this morning; there didn’t seem much point in rushing to get up and out. When we did eventually surface we caught the bus to Harwich about an hour west of here. Once there we had about another 70 minutes before our connecting bus to Hyannis for another hour’s journey. We’d bought two Day Passes for $9 but there was no way we were going to endure a three hour return journey. Once at Hyannis we made for the Kennedy Museum www.hyannis.com , not too much to see in there other than lots of mounted photographs and a short video of JFK & family enjoying time here at the Kennedy compound at Hyannis Port. It had been raining on and off all day and following a bit of a stroll around downtown we decided to pay extra and return on the 16:30 express bus for $7 each, expensive, but at least we’d be back home in 40 minutes, the bus driver being kind enough to drop us off right outside the campground. 

On our return we had considered a walk or bike ride to find the beach but the heavens opened up again, and we were getting tired of feeling damp. We have now decided to head straight for the beach when we leave this campground tomorrow morning heading for New York City

We won’t be sorry to be moving on, this area has been quite disappointing for us, the lack of suitable campgrounds from which to get in to Boston coupled with the bad weather at Cape Cod which I’m particularly sad about as The Chef was really looking forward to seeing this area. She was right about Boston, it was better to hold on to the memories we have of our last visit in 2000 when the sun was shining, rather than struggle to get there again in the wet miserable weather and have those good memories replaced. 

We’re certainly not enjoying this trip on the Eastern side of the states as much as our last one over on the West, but we needed to visit this side in order to get a balanced picture, but there’s no doubt our hearts lie out West. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Atlantic Oaks RV Park, 3700 State Hwy, Eastham, MA 02642-2114.