29. Apr, 2016


SUNDAY 05-10-08 

We slept very well last night, this Wal-Mart branch being one of the quietest we’d stayed at. Once scrubbed up I attempted to get the tyre pressures checked at their Tire & Lube department, but no luck as I was unable to speak Hispanic and they sure as hell didn’t understand English. We then rang the local Tourists Information Center before popping along to see them. We were looking for a campground which was away from the tourist traps, which could be difficult because the Amish here farm within an area about 15 miles by 20 miles. We booked ahead at a campground which wouldn’t allow arrivals until 14:00 and so decided to take a steady drive around the area until then. We were finding ourselves drifting towards the New Holland area and so checked out Country Haven Campground www.countryhaven.com as we particularly liked the look of the countryside around here, it was what we were looking for. 

This campground wouldn’t allow arrivals before 14:00 either and so we parked down the road and made a few phone calls to family back home to use up the credit on our mobile phone before we lost it. We then returned to the campground, booked in and parked up before our neighbours told us we had a slight rattle coming from the rear wheel, on closer inspection we’d lost a wheel trim nut, just the same as on the last trip only this time on the opposite wheel, it must have been due to the many miles we’ve spent being bumped around over here on this trip especially in Ohio.  From previous experience it will be difficult if not impossible to replace it during our remaining travels. 

Once we’d set up camp, out came the folding bikes and we had a very pleasant ride around the area. Sunday is a day of rest for the Amish and we didn’t expect to see very many, so were surprised to see just how many of them were on the move in their horse and buggies, presumably having had prayer meetings at each other’s houses and making their way home. We also saw numerous Harley Davidson’s out on the road, this being Sunday and one of the days of the week you can guarantee seeing these adult toys out and about, destroying the peace and quiet. 

This evening has been spent catching up on emails as this is the first internet connection we’ve had since Cape Cod a week ago, and enjoying a barbecue. We’ve even got Cable TV here and so are now enduring the best of the worst in American TV entertainment. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Country Haven Campground, 354 Springville Rd, New Holland, PA 17557 (GPS: N40.057717 W76. 019961).