1. May, 2016


SATURDAY 22-11-08 

Gosh that was a cold night. We woke at around 03:00 to find ourselves huddled up keeping each other warm before dropping off again. We woke about 07:00; I got up and flicked the heating on hoping the LPG would hold out. Rosina took a peek out of the bedroom window behind the ‘bed head’ and it was covered in a thin film of ice (oh for double glazing) I scraped a small area and saw what I thought might be a light dusting of snow but which turned out to be a heavy frost. 

After a quick shower and breakfast I popped out to take a couple of pictures and found our rather large camp fire from last night still alive but only just. I gathered together all the bits of wood which hadn’t burned through properly last night, blew on the embers, added a few pine cones and off she went again only much smaller this time. When we pulled away at about 08:20 it was still going and would offer our neighbour sleeping in a converted van to sit and keep warm when he got up, adding more of our remaining wood if he should choose. 

We headed northwards completing the last 90 miles of the Natchez Trace Parkway seeing nothing more exciting than some wild turkeys and a few birds of prey. I think the problem at this southern end is that the Parkway is far too close to civilisation which prevents the wildlife from breeding naturally and showing its face.  Mind you, in these parts, if they bred they’d probably be hunted and killed by the local ‘sportsmen’. I’ve never agreed with hunting as it’s too one sided. Give the wildlife AK47’s and a belt of ammo and then we’ll see a fair contest. 

Leaving the Parkway at Tupelo, Mississippi, where Elvis Presley was born, we made our way towards Memphis. The road-kill was increasing in size again moving from the two-a-penny Raccoons’ which are being wiped out at the roadside in every state, to deer which was a shame but not unexpected. 

From Memphis we made our way on the I30 to Texarkana, Texas, where we are spending the night at the very same Wal-Mart we used on the way out almost 3 months ago having crossed the whole of Arkansas this afternoon. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Wal-Mart 4000 New Boston Road, Texarkana (GPS: N33.445258 W94.099439).