1. May, 2016


MONDAY 24-11-08 

This morning we made our way down the road to see Kelly at Motorhome Specialists. I told him what we had in mind and he was happy to accommodate us and so we went up to the office to discuss the storage and possible sale by consignment with Steve. We agreed to bring the RV to them Wednesday afternoon. I felt happier after that was out of the way, and then started to work our way through other jobs on our list, including the cancellation of our P.O. Box at Burleson Post Office, buying some odd bits from Camping World, getting a quote for shipping our 30 souvenir mugs home from UPS ($400!) and close our current account with Bank of America. 

That done we returned to the RV Ranch campground and hooked back up again. I made a start on packing my larger suitcase with items that I wouldn’t need until we got home, I’m trying to gauge as soon as possible if we can fit the souvenir mugs in to one of our 4 cases, normally there wouldn’t be room but I’m ditching quite a lot of stuff this time rather than take up valuable space on the journey back. 

I got chatting to Andy, one of our neighbours who’s a nurse anesthetist. He drives around in a lovely Class ‘A’ diesel pusher. He was telling me he’s considering getting something smaller like ours, I stood there thinking ‘I’ll swap you’.  He and his wife even came across later to ask us what we were doing for Thanksgiving. He and his family are having a get together at Wichita Falls and we were invited, he’d even get us picked up and dropped back. We thanked him for his very kind offer and explained that we’d already booked to be in a hotel near DFW airport that day. His attitude was typical of all that is good about folk over here, especially I think, Texans and those on the West side. 

This evenings meal was another fry-up, just as enjoyable as last nights, the reason being we’re down to the last of our food now and have to make do with what we’ve got in. This evening is being spent watching TV and making lists of remaining ‘just’ jobs. Tomorrow is our one last clear day to prepare ourselves and the RV and there’s still quite a lot to do. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: RV Ranch, 2301 S Burleson Blvd, Burleson, Texas 76028.