1. May, 2016


TUESDAY 25-11-08 

We ran out of LPG last night therefore we had no heating, so it was a pretty cold night, and we didn’t want to get out of bed to dash to the shower block either. Once we’d plucked up the courage it was worth it as the showers here are terrific. 

Today was a very busy day. We had so much to do sorting out all the cupboards, making an inventory of everything we were leaving, packing and washing down the outside of the vehicle. We also waved goodbye to our neighbour, Andy Crawford and his wife who were making their way to Wichita Falls for a Thanksgiving celebration with their family, and who had kindly invited us along if we wanted to join them, even offering to pick us up and drop us back here again. 

I took a couple of photographs of a Tuc-Tuc, one of two towed on a trailer behind an RV by a chap who’s bought them here for testing by the Texas state authorities. He and his son have bought the importation rights for these vehicles in the USA www.tuktukusainc.com and they’re looking to get them tested and approved for use in every state except California where due to strict legislation it just isn’t worth the hassle. So keep an eye out for the success of these vehicles in the USA – you heard it here first! 

Before the office closed we reluctantly bought some more LPG so that we’d be warm tonight plus she’d have some onboard during her storage and likely sale. If I’d known we were going to have to finish up buying some I’d have bought it much sooner and enjoyed the benefit on those recent very cold nights. 

What there has been of the evening has been spent watching TV and typing up the inventory. We have to be off the campground by 12:00 tomorrow and so we’ll have some time to finish the outstanding jobs before delivering the RV to Motor Home Specialists and catching a cab to a hotel near DFW airport. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: RV Ranch, 2301 S Burleson Blvd, Burleson, Texas 76028.