30. Apr, 2016


WEDNESDAY 29-10-08 

We slept well last night, we were able to set our heating thermostat on 15°C and let that keep an eye on the temperature during the night. We were slow at getting away again this morning; this seems the norm when we’re in urban areas. Out West particularly we would get up nice and early and make an early start on the day, especially if we’re travelling, but in the East here things are busier, and when travelling we have to consider the morning rush hour. I certainly wouldn’t want to join very busy roads at that time of the day, so we set out later to avoid them, and on top of that we’re running out of bright sunny mornings to persuade us it was worth getting up early. 

On the way out of Wal-Mart the very kind ladies in the garden center allowed us to refill our fresh water tank with their hosepipe; because of the weight we only half filled it. This is needed to sustain us for possibly two days of dry camping at Wal-Mart car parks in Augusta, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina, after which we’re planning a couple of days on a commercial campground. 

On our way out of town we stopped off at Stone Mountain Park www.stonemountainpark.com (GPS: N33.813144 W84.145971) which we were told at the entrance to the car park was once a State Park but had since been privatised, so no, our annual pass was not valid; $8 lighter we made our way to the main car park. There were hardly any cars there, on approaching the ticket booths it became obvious why – it was closed. Basically the attractions were closed following the summer season as were the ticket booths. They were now being covered in fairy lights ready to be opened in two weeks time for their Christmas season. At first I was a bit put out, like campgrounds with closed facilities they don’t adjust their charges accordingly. We made for the large grassed park area beneath the mountain in order to get a good view of the impressive sculpture of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee & Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson carved in to the side of Stone Mountain. The project for various reasons took 60 years on and off to be completed. This site is actually a memorial to the Confederate southern states and their heroes and since then has been expanded with a small theme park including a paddle boat and steam railway. At first I thought it was all a bit too much but have to say I warmed to it as we wondered around. I imagine it gets very busy indeed in the summer months but this would be a great place to bring a young family, especially if they camp or have an RV as the park also has a campground. 

After returning to the RV for lunch we hit the road down I20 for Augusta, Georgia for an overnight stay at a Wal-Mart on our way to Charleston, South Carolina

On arrival here we had a look round a local ‘Dollar Tree’ shop just for something to do and I picked up some cheap biscuits to nibble with a cup of tea. 

The evening meal was hot take-out food from Wal-Mart washed down with lashings of wine. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Wal-Mart Super, 3209 Deans Bridge Road, Augusta, GA 30906 (GPS: N33.423178 N82.063597).