30. Apr, 2016


THURSDAY 30-10-08 

We didn’t sleep too well last night. I awoke every 2 hours on the half hour for no good reason at all and Rosina was woken by a noisy truck which had parking near us then ran its engine. 

This morning gave us no good reason to get up too early due to the rush hour, so after a glorious shower after two days of only being able to wash due to a water shortage followed by breakfast I was ready to move on. We managed to dump our domestic rubbish in a bin at the Wal-Mart car park, before hitting the road. The route to Charleston, South Carolina, would basically take us along the I20 East followed by US78 East. The cross country route bought mixed emotions. I was very happy to be driving amongst the local communities but there were some navigation issues and the road surface in places was quite lumpy & bumpy which irritates me immensely; I’ll travel any number of miles and go anywhere just so long as, for the sake of the vehicle if nothing else, the road surface is good. 

We had passed many fields of cotton on this part of the trip which we had yet to photograph. Each time we wanted to pull over and take photographs of a cotton field there were vehicles behind us which made it impossible to pull over or slow right down. It finally all came together today as I had no traffic behind me when we passed a cotton field so I slowed and stopped so that my photographer could capture the moment whilst in my mirror I watched a fully loaded logging truck come from nowhere and start to bear down on us. 

We stopped for lunch on the forecourt of a closed down thrift shop, which before that was probably a gas station. With full tummies we soldiered on to our planned campground Mt. Pleasant/Charleston KOA campground www.koa.com about 10 miles to the northeast of Charleston  www.charlestoncvb.com 

Before booking in to the campground we checked out the Wal-Mart store just down the road as there is a bus service leaving from there every hour in to Charleston. We arrived at the campground and discovered in their leaflet that there is a Publix supermarket close by, which is one of our favourite chains and hard to come by. We are booked in here for two nights the reason being they are fully booked on the third, the 1st November, when oddly enough the costs reduce, presumably to the out of season rates. Not to worry we’ll be parking in the Wal-Mart down the road that night and travelling in to the city on the third day. 

After spraying insect repellent around the RV and deploying the slide-out to reveal any ladybirds we may have trapped in it when we closed it back in Smokemont, we had a short killing spree before vacuuming, then had our evening meal which was sliced beef salad with a dessert of custard pie and ice cream washed down with lashings of wine. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Mt. Pleasant/Charleston KOA, 3157 Hwy 17 North, Mt Pleasant, SC (GPS: N32.864651 W79.776176).