30. Apr, 2016


SATURDAY 08-11-08 

We slept well last night until woken again by the 06:30 bin man pulling up just across the roadway from our pitch to empty the dumpster. That’s one of the big differences between here and home – trash here gets collected far more often. After that we turned over again for a couple of hours. 

I was first to get up making a start on washing the rest of the RV exterior. Rosina joined me later and between us we managed to polish the remainder of the right side and spot-clean the cab area ready for polishing tomorrow. We were hoping to do the cab as well today to allow tomorrow, Sunday, to be a day of rest, but the sun was high in the sky by then, and it was up in the 80F’s, just too hot to continue. We did manage to create some interest from the neighbours many of whom just call one of the local RV cleaning companies who come and do the job for them onsite using high pressure washers and polishing machinery. 

Towards the end of our cleaning chores the mobile phone rang and it was Denny Smith, a former colleague and friend of ours from the old Cambridgeshire Ambulance Service days. She was in Florida visiting her brother and his family. It was agreed that we’d meet up in the next day or two for a meal. They will come to us here in Naples as it will be easier as we won't have to uporoot the RV and move it 40 miles north. 

The Chef was good enough to have another crack at my hair as the barber in Atlanta really did make a mess of it. She thinned it out quite a lot and shortened the front, it must by now be the equivalent of two haircuts I’ve had since I’ve been out here. 

After lunch and a spell of soaking up some sunshine we set off on our bikes to the local liquor store for a bottle of Bacardi (it seemed a shame to have sunshine but no Bacardi & Coke) followed by a quick visit to the Wal-Mart on the way back. This store is our local corner shop; it’s about 400 yards from the campground, much closer than we remembered it from 2 years ago. In every Wal-Mart we’ve visited since 1st November, customers and the poor staff have had to endure piped Christmas carols over speakers whilst they filled the shelves with Christmas gifts and decorations. Fortunately this store has a separate room for Christmas items and the confounded carols, which seems a better way to do it. With clear blue skies and hot sunshine it’s impossible to feel the slightest bit Christmassy. 

A number of the pitches this weekend are taken up by a large group of senior couples who have met up here for a get together. The campground has become something like ‘Dynasty’ meets ‘Waiting for God’ with elderly ladies walking around wearing expensive clothes and perms, carrying stupid little fluffy dogs. It’s amazing that so many of them, having spent so much being nipped, tucked & lifted still had money left over to buy an expensive class ‘A’ motorcoach. 

We had a nice pork casserole cooked in the slow cooker washed down with a few glasses of wine whilst watching the sunset over the RV’s across from us. Fortunately it wasn’t too spectacular otherwise we’d have wished we’d been down on the beach to watch it. 

This evening has been spent watching some TV. This campground has an excellent selection of Cable TV channels, unlike a number of campgrounds recently who have provided hardly any channels, most of which have been almost unwatchable due to interference. Sadly the content was the usual rubbish consisting of predominantly mindless game shows and third rate sitcoms with canned laughter. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Neapolitan Cove RV Park, 3790 Tamiami Trail, E, Naples, FL 34112.