30. Apr, 2016


TUESDAY 11-11-08 

Today Denny Smith, a friend and former work colleague of Rosina and I, her husband Tony, Denny’s brother Darryl and his wife Patti were due to visit us for lunch. Denny & Tony were on holiday visiting Darryl & Patti who live near Fort Myers and we thought it would be nice to meet up if possible as we were only about 40 miles apart. 

After showering we went off to Publix supermarket on our bikes for the fresh salad bits and pieces we needed. We were going to provide burgers and chicken drumsticks as a light and informal lunch with our guests offering to bring the dessert. 

After the Publix trip I set of for Wal-Mart to buy three 10lb bags of ice cubes. These would keep our drinks cold in the coolbox we keep in the rear cargo locker. 

Our guests arrived at around noon. It was lovely to see them all again, we hadn’t seen Darryl & Patti for about 10 years. 

We had a very enjoyable afternoon with them spoilt only by the BBQ grill deciding not to get as hot as it should, I don’t know why, maybe the gas levels in the cylinders are getting low now, but as we’ll be finished with them in a couple of weeks or so it’s not worth refilling them.  Luckily I’d purchased a large aluminium skillet tray to go on the folding duel burner camping cooker and so we cooked the burgers and chicken on that. 

Our guests left around 16:45 heading back towards Fort Myers. After clearing up we relaxed outside watching the sunset as best we could over the roofs of the large RV’s across the road. 

When we felt it was getting a bit too chilly we decided to go indoors, only to discover that we’d left the air conditioning unit on and the RV was now like an icebox inside. As it now felt warmer outside we turned the unit off and returned to our reclining chairs until eventually the interior became a comfortable temperature to return to. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Neapolitan Cove RV Park, 3790 Tamiami Trail, E, Naples, FL 34112.