1. May, 2016


THURSDAY 13-11-08 

We were up in good time this morning as we were on the move. I didn’t bother having a shower first thing, preferring to have one when the work was done. It was another lovely day, there’s no doubt about it when it’s warm and sunny you feel better in yourself, though for me it was a bit of an exception, I’d woken with a sore and inflamed throat, but there was no time to be ill as we had to press on. 

 Due to the large amount of weight we’ve been carrying in the rear cargo locker I had a spring clean in there and left numerous items behind ’free to a good home’, so we left the Neapolitan Cove Campground lighter than when we arrived. We were heading for Manatee Hammock Campground at Titusville  www.nbbd.com/godo/prec/ManateeCamp on the mainland just across the Indian River from the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island

We planned to travel across country keeping away from Interstates where possible and so used I75 north to Fort Myers, then across country using Hwy80, US27 North, then Hwy70 East to Fort Pierce, and finally north on I95. This route was far more interesting and enjoyable to travel on. The area along Hwy70 was very much like The Fens back home, just miles and miles of flat fertile land. Just as with the area around Jacksonville there were lots of cattle herds, in fact we’ve probably seen as many cattle in Florida as we saw in Texas. There were also a number of Orange farms with rows and rows of orange trees complete with fruit, which went on for mile after mile, so to refer to them as ‘orchards’ doesn’t seem adequate. All in all it was an enjoyable journey. 

We arrived at Manatee Hammock Campground (GPS: N28.504161 W80.783692) owned by the local Brevard County Parks & Recreation Dept. It looks very much like a State Park campground but with the addition of a pool. It’s nothing special but it is located right on the Indian River with unrestricted views of the Kennedy Space Center www.nasa.gov about 4 miles across the other side. We weren’t too happy with the pitch they’d given us as there was dog pooh everywhere and on the other side of the wooden fence behind us was the busy main road. We did enquire about being moved but with no luck. Because of the launch they would be full by tomorrow night and there would be nowhere to move us to. Only afterwards did The Chef tell me that the campground rules state that pitches cannot be reserved therefore they must be on a first come first served basis, so we could have been given a different pitch and our number 30 given to somebody arriving tomorrow, like maybe a dog lover. 

I’ll be spending the night on the sofa as I know I’ll be very restless and there’s no point in both of us missing out on the chance of a good night’s sleep. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Manatee Hammock, 7275 S. U.S. Highway 1, Titusville, FL 32780.