1. May, 2016


SATURDAY 15-11-08 

It was another rough, noisy night. This morning the neighbours to our left, the Dukes of Hazard were playing under the bonnet of ‘General Lee’. It looked like a piece of crap and it sounded like a piece of crap. The neighbours on our right had the obligatory yappie dog and that seems to enjoy letting everybody know when it’s awake. The kids were back out playing at 07:00 and the trains had been running noisily all night. Being the weekend we had to also endure the noise from Harley Davidson’s along the road outside and the first one went past at 09:00.  If only I felt better, we could be escaping this place today, but instead poor Rosina is left to keep herself amused whilst I take to the bed. Fortunately when I woke up around lunchtime I felt a little better and hope that I’ve turned the corner now and we can be back on the road on Monday. There’s just nothing to do here unless you’re a fisherman. All this is made worse by the amount of American TV we suddenly find ourselves watching. 

This afternoon after a shower I went for a walk around the campground and waters’ edge. The scout group who arrived here yesterday were playing American Football, as I stood there watching them I wondered why they call it football since there’s virtually no kicking of the ball at all. The ball itself isn’t even shaped to be kicked. The backdrop to this game was the Indian River and the Vehicle Assembly Building and launch pad 39A from where ‘Endeavor’ had launched last night. I was still feeling weak and so returned to the RV, lazed around watching more TV and looking forward to our evening meal as a means of escape. The Chef had been creative enough to produce spaghetti with tomato sauce (speg bol without the meat). It was really tasty and easy to eat which was my concern. I’m hoping that by tomorrow night I can sit down to a proper meal. 

LOCATION TONIGHT: Manatee Hammock, 7275 S. U.S. Highway 1, Titusville, FL 32780.