1. May, 2016


MONDAY 17-11-08 

We were so pleased to be leaving the Manatee Hammock Campground.

We hit the road at about 09:30 with me feeling much better, not 100% but nothing was going to stop me from hitting the road this morning. Our target was Tallahasseethe Florida state capital about 300 miles to the northwest. I swear the RV knew it was going home, granted the road surface on the I95 north was excellent, but she just sailed along at 70 mph. It was great to let her stretch her legs. On reaching Jacksonville we turned left on to I10 West after a slight hic-cup which resulted in us getting far too close to the city centre rather than taking the I295 west around the city. Enroute we crossed the Suwannee River famous for nothing more than being mentioned in a song. Even the road sign informing motorists they were about to cross the river had the first line of the song in musical notes on it. That aside we made good time in arriving at Tallahassee where we did some Wal-Mart shopping, being careful not to buy too much as we needed to run our stocks of food down now. 

On leaving the Wal-Mart car park there was a scruffy dishevelled chap in camouflage trousers and ‘T’ shirt standing at the side of the road holding a cardboard sign which read ‘Disabled Homeless Vet’ I turned to The Chef and said “You’d think he could make enough money treating animals to provide a roof over his head”, she looked at me not quite knowing if I was being serious. 

We’d made such good progress that I felt we should move on, for me it was important to try and rescue something from the past few days and each day now was becoming precious. The more miles we manage to travel each day the more the pressure is taken off us. We therefore set off again heading south on US319 followed by US98 around the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. By around 17:00 the sun was beginning to go down and I was keen for us to find somewhere to park up for the night, as luck would have it we came upon Ho-Hum RV Park www.hohumrvpark.com  a small campground sandwiched between the road and the sea. The Chef went in to the office to do the deal, coming out having parted with $25.21 for a nights stay. She chose not to pay extra for an ocean view but given the small size of the campground we will have to walk around with a squint and one eye closed to avoid enjoying  something we've not paid for. Rosina popped out and took a few pictures whilst I set up for the night. Tomorrow we will head for Pensacola and a beach near there. To my photographer’s relief we will not have time to take a tour of the museum at the Naval Air Station there, home of the famous Blue Angels aerobatic team. 

We have a TV channel on at the moment which for some reason or other is featuring Prime Minister’s Question Time in the commons. The usual rubbish we’ve grown to expect from our politicians of course, and just like here in the States, nobody prepared to admit that the problems of today are being alleviated by huge additional debt to be repaid tomorrow, and like pollution, landfill and global warming, that debt will be paid and repaid by grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It’s the equivalent of raiding the piggy banks of great grandchildren yet to be born, making them pay for our greed and selfishness rather than taking responsibility and pay the price ourselves. What a terrible legacy we leave them.

LOCATION TONIGHT: Ho-Hum RV Park, 2132 Highway 98 East Carrabelle, FL 32322 (GPS: N29.871577 W84.610070).