14. Apr, 2016


SATURDAY 25-4-15

We woke to another bright and sunny morning, and so decided to get some chores done. First it was the washing, and then I decided to check the tyre pressures. To my amazement they had lost almost no air at all despite the pounding they'd taken on the journey getting here. After that it was odd jobs and ironing, followed by lunch. Then the weather changed very quickly to become cloudy and cool.

We decided to pop across the road to the ferry terminal and see if we could get across to the Asian side of the city. On entering the ferry complex we saw a row of exterior businesses including a dispensing chemist, McDonalds, Cafe Nero, and gift shops. So poor old Reece could probably have got his GTN spray replaced at the chemists had we known about it at the time. When we got inside the terminal we were pleased to see that we could indeed get across the Strait, bought a couple of tokens, and then, because there was about an hour and a half wait until the ferry left, popped back 'home' for a while.

At the appointed time we sailed across the Bosphorus Strait to the Asian side of Istanbul. It was very busy over there with families and friends enjoying their weekend off. It was nice to see, and we both joined in the 'social eating', me with a kebab and Rosina treating herself to a grilled mackerel fillet in a bread stick.

After a good look round we made our way back across the other side, this time catching a ferry to Eminonu, the ferry and harbour area by the Galata Bridge. We had intended to walk back home from there but decided against it as it was starting to spit with rain. We were soon at Yenkapi Station just down the road from the 'campsite' courtesy of the metro underground. Just as well we didn't walk as it started to rain just as we were getting home.

The evening ended with us watching the second half of the Gallipoli video. We were also watching the BBC news via the internet, where the Queen was at the Cenotaph celebrating the 100th anniversary of the campaign, whilst Prince Charles was at the ceremony in Gallipoli. If all goes well we may arrive there whist they're still packing the chairs away.