14. Apr, 2016


MONDAY 27-4-15

Tonight we shall be leaving the city. It has been a lovely hot day, which is a real treat. It has allowed us to strip all the bedding and wash it, clean the interior top to bottom and sort everything out ready to move on. 

The Chef, among other jobs has been using her iPad to decode some of the Turkish words on the Satnav menu in the hope that we can find our way around it better tonight.

We had bacon and egg for our evening meal, a little bit of England far away from home. Just a few more jobs to do now before we have a rest then head out of town at about 01:00.

Our trip here and our visit to the city of Istanbul has been quite an experience. Would I make the journey again? NEVER!  If I came again, I'd fly. Even the maximum level of indifference and contempt from Ryannair would be a better, easier, and cheaper method of travel. But we said we'd do it and we have. Now we're setting off towards Greece via Gallipoli. We'll see how the journey works out. If the roads get too bad or we get grief then we'll make our way back north to Dubrovnik in Croatia. At the end of the day our personal safety and that of the vehicle is our main concern in all situations.